Dark themes for desktop operating systems are now available in two popular desktop operating systems; macOS and Windows 10. Dark themes may be new, but users have set and used dark images as their desktop background for years. Many simply use a solid black background. It shows all the icons, and when you go to your desktop, it doesn’t blind you.

Windows wallpapers [Black]

Dark or black wallpapers do not have to be common. You’ll find amazing HD photos that make great backgrounds for your desktop. To set a black desktop layout, open the Settings app and go to Personalization> Background. Select Solid Colors from the drop-down list and select black from the color picker.

If you’re looking for something other than plain black, here are ten stunning Unsplash photos that make great wallpapers. Wallpapers have been resized for preview. See Full HD images at the link.

1. Nick Nice’s black stones

This image is best suited as a mobile wallpaper, but you can crop and resize it to your desktop. Download it from Remove splashes.

2. The phases of the moon, Nino Yang

No dark wallpaper is complete without a picture of the moon. A dark image means you don’t need an HD screen to get colors and lighting directly on the screen. Download this image Remove splashes.

3. The puzzle of Ron Whitaker

The puzzle is a perfect abstract image for the office. Download it from Remove splashes.

4. Gontse Tlhalogang rockfall

This image is sized for the mobile screen, but you can resize it to fit the screen. If you have a portrait / portrait screen, this wallpaper can be used as is. Download it from Remove splashes.

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5. Dew drops on the leaves of Bashaer

Close up photo of dew drops on leaves. This image gives the desktop some depth, but it’s still dark enough to keep the icons visible and not blind you. Download it from Remove splashes.

6. A drop of water from Allec Gomes on a branch

This image will be resized for the mobile screen, but you can resize it to your desktop. It has a lot of free space, which is great for resizing and visibility of icons. Download it from Remove splashes.

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7. Hongmei Zhao dandelion

This picture shows a dandelion in a glass, and you need to resize it on your desktop, but you can decide which part you choose for your desktop. This is a beautiful dark image that you can upload Remove splashes.

8. Charles Büchler’s carousel

This image is a great combination of dark nights and modern lights. The image shows a fair path and is an excellent photograph of the path in motion. The image is square, but it is in HD format, so it can be resized on the desktop. Download it from Remove splashes.

9. Allec Gomes black stripes

This image is quite simple when it comes to a dark background. However, the image is not created on a computer. It’s an excellent photo. Download it from Remove splashes.

10. Metro, Mak

If you like city photography, this photo is perfect for the office. Download it from Remove splashes.

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