5 best antivirus app for Android

Some people don’t think antivirus programs are necessary, but if you want an extra level of protection for your Android device, using a proper anti-malware app won’t do any harm and will likely eliminate the most common threats to your system. . .

Because Google Play has a lot of anti-virus software, it can be hard to pick a good one, which is why we’ve put together a list of five great apps that can guarantee a malware-free device if used properly.

1. Bitdefender

One of the most frustrating antivirus programs is that it can negatively affect device performance by being too resource intensive. This is often the case when an antivirus program has enabled continuous background scanning or many additional features that you may not need.

Bitdefender eliminates most of the unnecessary extras and is a great alternative to small effects for Android. It scans applications during installation (probably the most important feature) and also provides real-time protection. The paid version includes additional features such as anti-theft settings, network security and recently added VPN features.

Price: Free (paid version available)

2. Avast mobile security


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