The Mac has such a perfect picture that the idea of ​​inserting a USB drive into it (horror!) And using portable apps on it seems wrong, as if running foreign apps on a Mac could somehow change the unity of the system. Say what you want, portable apps are very useful, especially if you don’t want to confuse your adorable OS X with a wealth of useful but messy little tools. To do this, here are the top five portable Mac apps.

1. VLC media player

Let’s start with the obvious. One of the first things I do when I buy a new computer is installation VLC player above. For years, this has been the best media player app for Mac and Windows, thanks in large part to its exceptional compatibility with most available codecs, whether famous or obscure. If it’s on a USB drive, it means that every time you sign in to your Mac, you can watch almost any video you want on it.

2. Chrome


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