Imagine this scenario – you have just returned from a hard day’s work and as soon as you touch the couch, you find that you forgot to buy milk or the chocolate you love. If you had just created a reminder, you’re enjoying a little treat right now. Using the reminder app makes sure you don’t forget anything as long as you use it. Here are some useful and free Android reminder apps to help you stay up to date.

1. Heynote – Wallpaper notes

Price: Free / $ 3.99

Heynote is a great little app that lets you set wallpapers for your notes. Basically, you type your reminder on the lock screen or home screen, so every time you turn on your phone, you’re reminded of what you need to do.

Users can create notes on a solid background or upload their own images to create wallpapers. More graphics options are available if you choose to open a paid subscription. Heynote doesn’t send reminders – it’s just a note-taking app that can work surprisingly well for people who tend to check their phones at high frequencies.

2. BZ reminder

Price: Free / $ 3.99

BZ reminder allows users to create reminders without even having to pull the phone. If you have an Android smartwatch, you can quickly set reminders from there. You can also categorize your notes by color so you can easily distinguish them.

In addition, the app has a customizable widget, a calendar view, and the ability to send a reminder to other people. Creating a reminder is easy: just tap the + button at the bottom of the screen to get started. You can even dictate a callback request with your voice if you don’t want to type.

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3. I like

Price: Free / $ 1.99

Ike is a reminder application with a beautiful interface that groups tasks by importance and urgency. Creating a task is as easy as pie: just press the “+” button in the center of the screen. Then enter the details and decide if the app will be sent to you when the notification deadline approaches. In addition, you can add pictures, voicemails, and more to the reminder to make it more interactive.

The main panel shows the number of tasks you have completed. When you’re done with one, don’t forget to slide your finger over it to mark it complete. Ike also allows you to create widgets for quick use and offers several themes, although not all are available in the free version.

4. Life reminders

Price: Free / $ 4.00

Reminders of life is another great option if you want to make sure you don’t forget to do something. The app even allows you to complete the task more easily. For example, if you have set a reminder to call someone, Life Reminders adds a call button so you can contact the person directly from the app.

As soon as you open the app, you’ll notice that your reminder is categorized into four different sections: today, tomorrow, this week, and later. You can also create your own categories and customize them with the colors you want. The interface is a bit outdated, but the app does its job pretty well.

5. Check Check

Price: Free / $ 27.99 / year

Check mark A check mark is a clean and excellent reminder app that is very easy to use. You can start adding reminders immediately, which can be grouped into several categories, such as Work, Inbox, or Personal. You can even create these reminders directly from the app calendar.

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In addition, TickTick provides device synchronization and seamless collaboration with users of other applications. It is also customary to follow the option and the ability to change the theme. Of course, you can also configure a separate widget if it is useful.

6. Microsoft’s Do

Price: Release

Make Microsoft The app is a wonderfully intuitive reminder app that can work wonders for your productivity. You can either create to-do lists or separate tasks. By default, the app provides a few list modes, including My Day, Important, and Scheduled, but you can also create your own.

Adding tasks to the list is very easy; just press the “+” button in the lower right corner. Add activities and set due date, reminder or repeat. When you create a new list, you can give it a custom background by choosing a color or image. Microsoft To-Do is also a great collaborative app, as you can add users to your account and easily share the lists you create.

7. Google Keep – notes and lists

Google likes isn’t quite a reminder app – it’s more of a note-taking app, but it has a good reminder component that works well, so we included it in the list. In addition, the app benefits from a clean interface that deserves Google’s respect.

With Keep, you can easily create checklists or regular lists and add photos, drawings, and voice memos. Set the time you want to be reminded, and all – you’re done. You can add different colors to your notes to make them more fun. Google also helps you categorize your listings by letting you tag them so you can easily search.

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In addition, Google Keep has a great feature that sends a reminder when you arrive at a specific place (e.g., a shopping mall).


With so much to do, it’s impossible to remember everything for yourself. There come these Android reminder apps to keep you up to date on everything. If the day’s work is done, maybe it’s time to relax by playing one of the best offline shooting games for Android.

On the other hand, if you’re still in productivity mode, you might want to know about the best Android apps for cooking.

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