An Argentinian developer managed to buy Google Argentina’s domain name for just € 2, following a technical error. Of course, the 30-year-old didn’t own the domain name for very long, as Google quickly took steps to get it back.

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Google is often the source of unusual news, like this site launched by the giant to dig a hole to the other side of the planet in augmented reality. Or this investigation into a police officer who had given a finger to a Google Car. Today’s story comes from Argentina, where a young web designer has managed to buy the domain name of Google Argentina… for only 2 €!

It all starts when the developer is working on a site for a client. He then receives a message on WhatsApp informing him that Google is out of service in the country. Indeed, the search engine is KO. He then decides to go to the NIC site to Network Information Center Argentina. This is the registry for Argentine .ar domain names.

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Owner of for only 2 €

According to his intuition, he checks by chance if theThe domain name of Google Argentina, in this case, is available for purchase. To his surprise, this is indeed the case, and quite naturally, the designer takes the steps to confirm the acquisition. “I continued with the steps and received an email confirming my purchase ”, he tells our British colleagues at the BBC.

In a few minutes, Nicolas Kurona therefore finds himself the owner of the domain name., for only 270 pesos, or € 2.38! “I was petrified in front of my PC. I couldn’t believe what was going on ”, he adds. How did Nicolas Kurona acquire the Google Argentina domain name? A first theory would be that Google simply forgot to renew the reservation of its domain name.

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However, this is not the case since Google has confirmed that its license will not expire before July 2021. The question therefore remains unanswered. Either way, the NIC quickly returned the domain name to Google. The Mountain View firm has opened an investigation to determine how it could have lost control of Google Argentina for a few hours.

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