The past 12 months have been crazy for Bitcoin. Its price jumped from around $ 8,000 per BTC to a record high of just over $ 64,000. But this trajectory has been strewn with dramatic ups and downs. And the roller coaster is not over yet.

The weakening of traditional currencies due to the pandemic and the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies by multinationals and financial institutions has greatly benefited Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, strengthening their legitimacy. Despite the volatility of crypto prices, the growing popularity of this growing asset class does not appear to be in doubt.

If you are looking for a low risk strategy for investing in Bitcoin, offering a steady and solid return, without monopolizing your time or requiring great market expertise, then only one solution is available to you: crypto arbitrage.

How does Crypto Arbitrage work?

Crypto arbitrage is a low risk and increasingly popular investment strategy. Used by financial institutions, hedge funds, businesses and individual investors around the world, it protects you from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

It works by taking advantage of temporary inefficiencies in prices on exchanges. During brief windows, cryptocurrency is available simultaneously and at separate prices on different exchanges. After a few minutes, the market corrects itself and the price differential disappears.

To understand how arbitrage can generate a profit, let’s take the example of ArbiSmart, one of the most famous players in the field. ArbiSmart is an automated crypto arbitrage platform under European license. The system is connected to 35 different exchanges, which it scans simultaneously, 24/7, for price inefficiencies on hundreds of cryptocurrencies. As soon as a crypto arbitrage opportunity is detected, the system buys the lowest priced token on an exchange, then instantly sells it on the highest priced exchange. It thus allows a profit to be made before the market adjusts to resolve the inefficiency.

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What are the advantages ?

As we can see, the successful implementation of a crypto arbitrage strategy requires speed and efficiency beyond the reach of a human. As a result, an automated system is needed to simultaneously scan multiple exchanges and react instantly to many opportunities, 24 hours a day. One of the main advantages of crypto arbitrage, involving the use of an algorithmic trading system, is is therefore to be accessible after a simple registration and then the deposit of funds. You can then go about your business. The algorithm takes over.

In addition, the risks are minimal and the possibilities for profit are not limited by fluctuations in Bitcoin or any other digital currency. Crypto arbitrage offers excellent coverage. Whether the crypto market prices collapse or soar, you continue to enjoy a steady and solid return thanks to the pricing inefficiencies between the exchanges.

Another advantage is the regularity and stability of crypto arbitrage profits, especially compared to the unpredictability of the market. Investors are vulnerable to the incredible daily volatility of crypto. On the other hand, on ArbiSmart, you know, in advance and precisely, what your monthly and annual returns will be, since the Accounts page of the company’s website. The estimated amount of your earnings ranges from 10.8% to 45% per year, depending on the size of your investment. You therefore benefit from valuable financial visibility so that you can plan your future with confidence.

But the first benefit of crypto arbitrage is its exceptional returns, which outperform virtually all other investment strategies. Let’s illustrate it with an example with an investment of only 5 BTC. This currently equates to just over $ 240,000. In one year alone, your passive income will reach 39%, bringing your savings to over $ 335,000. Keep in mind that your account balance is also likely to grow even more, for two reasons. First, you will earn compound interest on your crypto arbitrage profits. Second, you benefit from significant capital gains on the growing value of RBIS. The value of ArbiSmart’s native token has more than tripled since its introduction just two years ago.

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Once your ArbiSmart account is opened and your funds deposited, your money is converted into RBIS for use by the company’s algorithmic trading system. However, you can withdraw your capital at any time, in fiat or crypto. RBIS has had incredible success since its introduction in early 2019. It has grown since then by 350%. And analysts predict that its price could be multiplied by the end of 2021. This projection is explained by the annual growth of 150% posted by the company, but also by the launches planned for the 3e and 4e 2021 quarters of a number of new crypto products and services. They will create new uses for the precious tokens, in particular through the highly anticipated ArbiSmart wallet that carries interests. The growing popularity and liquidity of the platform will be accompanied by a decrease in the supply of the token, limited to 450 million. In addition, RBIS is in the process of being listed. Once the token is negotiable on the exchanges, in the coming months, its price will increase further.

What are the risks ?

Getting started in the crypto world always comes with a high level of risk. Indeed, governments have been slow to legislate on this new emerging asset class. The result is serious under-regulation. This risk is heightened by the possibility of anonymity in the world of digital currency. It makes it an attractive option for criminals and their fraudulent activities.

Transparency, security and accountability are essential. qTo protect yourself, you must therefore opt for a reputable, fully authorized and regulated platform. ArbiSmart, for example, is fully approved by the EU. It is important. To be in compliance with regulatory requirements, the company must submit to an external audit, implement rigorous data security protocols and follow strict anti-money laundering and identity verification procedures. clients. It must also maintain sufficient operating capital, as well as separate accounts for thbte company and its clients.

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ArbiSmart also enjoys a high rating on Trustpilot and other online review sites, in addition to positive reviews across social media for the high quality of its support and generous and regular passive income.

Crypto arbitrage is the best way to make your Bitcoin capital grow quickly, without any effort or almost the slightest risk.

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