flippr: access widgets from any phone screen and application [Android]

What can a floating button do on your screen? Almost anything imaginable. It’s one of the most common ways developers can make their apps easily accessible on any device screen. go bananas is an Android app that puts all your widgets at your fingertips. It adds a floating button that you can drag to access widgets in other apps. Apps still work when you use the widget, and you can drag it out and return to the app when you’re done. In addition to playing the widget, the app also allows you to create widget groups and switch between them, all with the app button.

Launch the application and create the first group. You can group apps by the type of widgets you add to them. Enter a name and add widgets by pressing the gear button. The app does not add widgets, and you can only select those that are already installed on your phone. After creating groups and adding widgets, tap the play button at the top.

flippr application

A notification will appear in the notification area stating that the application is running. You can stop the application from notification. A blue button is added to the left side of the screen. Tap and drag it to display the widget group in the current group and use them normally from your Home screen. When you drag the button, an overlay image appears showing the active group. To switch groups, the app will ask you to slide the button horizontally, but we didn’t succeed.

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flippr running flippr widget

In the application settings, you can enable the application at startup and turn off the application’s runtime notification. If the widgets do not match the width and height of the screen, you can increase or decrease the number of rows and columns specified in your launcher in the application settings. The application button, or bubble, can be repositioned and added to the opposite side of the screen. The size can be enlarged and made transparent or less opaque. You can disable group and widget names and set widgets to automatically hide themselves when you use them.

flippr pref flippr pref2

The application works well as long as you switch between widgets in the same group, but switching between groups does not work and there is no solution. The application does not work with widgets developed and installed by your device manufacturer.

Install flippr from the Google Play Store

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