I’m not sure when this happened, but by jumping on a cart that prevents us from ignoring people sending instant messages, Google added the dreaded “Seen” status report to Google Hangouts. When you read a message from a contact, they know you’ve read it. The Chrome app, extension, Gmail Hangouts interface, and Android app have completed received an update. To be fair, you’ll be properly notified when a new feature is activated, and unlike Whatsapp, Google Hangouts lets you turn it off. Here’s how to do it on your browser and Android device.

Android – Google Hangouts

Launch the Hangouts app and open the navigation panel to access app settings. If you’ve set up more than one account, you’ll need to disable the “seen” report for each one. Select an account and when you go to its settings, you’ll see the brand new Show Last Seen option on or off, depending on your settings. The Seen option in the Android Hangouts app was added to version 2.5.


Chrome – The Hangouts app and extension

Click the small drop-down arrow next to the search bar at the top of the threads to open the settings screen. Scroll down to the “Set your mood today” button and you’ll see “Show my Hangout contacts when I was last seen in Hangouts …”. option. Activate or deactivate it as you see fit.


Gmail interface

If you don’t have an Android phone, have a Hangouts app or extension installed, or just don’t use Chrome, you can still use Hangouts in the Gmail web interface. The reports viewed there are also in use, even if they are allowed. To turn them off, click the small drop-down arrow next to your user image, scroll down to “Set your mood today” to find the same “Show my Hangout contacts when I was last seen in Hangouts …”. an option you get with the app and extension.

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