Add a new user account to your Mac

Almost anyone can use a computer in modern times. As such, you will find desks, laptops, smart devices and portable devices in the household. Because of this, your Macs often serve multiple masters. To resolve this issue, add a new user to your Mac. In fact, you can add as many as you want.

In this article, we’ll show you how to add a new user to your Mac, explain why you want it, and discuss some of the things you need to consider during the process.

Why you want to add a new user to your Mac

Unlike desktops, laptops, smaller devices, and portable devices like the Apple Watch feel more “personal.” In other words, your phone and watch have only one user. While it may feel like this on a Mac Mini, MacBook, or iPad, they often have multiple users. For example:

  • A Mac mini (or more likely a MacBook) can be included in your children’s schoolwork.
  • The iPad is a great way to keep younger kids active while you do other work.
  • You may be on a budget, so share your MacBook with everyone you live with.
  • In the workplace, the host computer can have many users throughout the day depending on the nature of the business.

There are many other scenarios, but you get the point here. Computers are common in many ways. Therefore, it makes sense to differentiate between different users so that everyone can have their own documents, applications, configurations, etc. It gives everyone who uses the machine a way to customize the experience.

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One way to accomplish this is to add a new user to your Mac. Let’s look at it next.

Add a new user to your Mac

You can find the user information in the “System Settings -> Users and Groups” screen. If you start writing this in Spotlight or Alfred, you’ll go to it right away.

Click the Plus icon in the left toolbar to add a new user to your Mac.

In the resulting screen, you must fill in the blanks. They are all straightforward and should not last longer than a minute.

However, one field to consider is to open the New Account list. This allows you to change the user’s general permissions.

We recommend that you keep the Standard or Share Only option. The Group parameter allows you to specify a name and apply a set of permissions that you can assign to others in the same way as the default settings.

Once you’ve filled in the field, click the Create User button and let your Mac do its job. After a few seconds, you will see a new user appear in the Other Users list. At this point, you can sign out as a user from the Apple menu and sign in as another user.

You can also set some connection options by clicking the appropriate option. The most important parameter is the ability to set fast user switching.

This allows you to change the logged-in user from the menu bar without logging everyone out. This is ideal for busy households that often cycle around appliances on a regular basis.

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In summary

Computers and hardware are expensive, and it doubles for Apple products. Thus, some devices move between different members of the household or workplace. However, if you add a new user to your Mac – or more of them – everyone can have their own space without affecting other users on the machine.

If you want to hide user accounts on your Mac, we have this too. Want to add a new user to your Mac, and if so, what are the reasons? Tell us in the comments section below!

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