Always open a Windows program in a maximized window

What could be more boring than opening your app in a small window at the top of the screen? To solve this, there are various solutions here that you can always open your Windows program in a maximized window or in full screen mode.

Change the application shortcut so that it always opens in a maximized window

The first way to force a program to open in a maximized window is to change the properties of the shortcut.

To do this, look for a shortcut:

  • If it is on your desktop, right-click it, and then click Property.
  • If he is Home menu, look for a shortcut to launch the application to open in the maximized window. Right-click and below the application More, Click Open the location of the file.

In the file manager, right-click that shortcut, and then open it Features.

Once you are in the properties of the application shortcut, go to the tab Shortcut then below Run, select the window Magnified. All that remains is validation.

Thus, when the application is launched, the window is in maximized mode. Note that this method does not work with Windows Explorer.

Maximize the Windows window with a keyboard shortcut

Another way is to use a keyboard shortcut: Windows + which allows you to maximize the current window directly. You can also use F11 to switch your app to full screen mode.

When opening the mouse movement

When a window is minimized, you can grab it from the top of the window bar to “hit” it toward the top of the screen. It then expands completely and takes up the entire screen.

Open the Windows program in a maximized window with a third-party application

There are applications that configure programs to open in full screen format.

For example, we present Always Maximize. You can download it here:

Install the application and open it. Its configuration is quite simple, all you have to do is click and drag the item into the application window to enlarge. Finish by confirming by ALRIGHT.

It is also possible to notice the name of an application package or automatically expand applications that contain specific text.

What should I do if the program does not open in a maximized window?

If none of the above work, you can try one of the following solutions:

  • Open the program, enlarge the window with the square icon in the upper right corner of the window. Close the program. It should open the full screen the next time it is turned on.
  • Repeat the same steps above, but close the program while holding down the key Ctrl then try again.

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