Andrognito: Hide all kinds of files on your Android device [No Root]

Just yesterday, we looked at S Converter, a simple conversion application that is a great example of hardware design. Over time, more and more developers have now adapted to new material design and are creating very good applications in the process. Andrognito, An Android word game, and Incognito, a new app that lets you hide your files. The application is in beta and does not require a rooted device. The files are hidden behind the PIN and can only be viewed from the application. Once a file is hidden, it will no longer appear in file browsers.

Start by entering your name and PIN. You can start hiding files as soon as you set a PIN. Press the plus button and select the files you want to hide from your device or SD card. To select individual files, long press on its thumbnail. You can also add an entire folder and all the files in it will be hidden. It takes a while for the app to hide the files, and the more you have, the longer it will take.

Andrognito’s built-in file browser doesn’t allow you to view files, but you can browse folders. Hidden files are grouped by type, and you can view them by dragging them to the Pictures or Movie tab. On the All Files tab, you can view all hidden files.

Andrognito adds files

To view a file, drag it and click the unlock button. Use the star button to add a file to favorites. The application does not require an online account and does not store your online PIN. The only way to get a PIN if you forgot it is to answer your security question, so be sure to set it up. To set a security question and secretly enable the application, go to Settings.

Theft mode requires a separate PIN to be set, and when enabled, it presents a kind of fake file repository that can trick someone into believing that these are real files on your device. To use the safe instead of your real files, enter the correct PIN instead of the correct one on the home screen of the application.

Andrognito Andrognito settings

Overall, the application works well and the material design is quite good. It would be great if the app showed thumbnails for photos and videos. If you use it to hide these types of files, probably files created by your device’s camera, you can’t separate them because of the following naming convention. Otherwise, it’s great and this stealth space is pretty good.

Install Andrognito from the Google Play Store

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