Microsoft announced native support for Android applications with Windows 11. Compatibility is provided by technology created by Intel. The founder of Santa Clara and Microsoft, however, confirm that the AMD and ARM platforms will be able to run Android applications. The small revolution will therefore not be exclusive to Core i.

windows 11 intel bridge compatible amd

Yesterday was the big day for Microsoft. The company presented Windows 11. This new version of the operating system will arrive this fall and a public preview will be deployed. The update will be free for license owners Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. There are many novelties, both aesthetically and functionally. The reorganization of the taskbar. The new multi-window management. The deletion of Cortana and of Skype. The enthronement of Teams as a pillar of communication.

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Windows 11 is a new version of Windows which is therefore not without interest. One of the strong announcements of Microsoft’s keynote is native support for Android applications. Yes, you will be able to download Android applications to your computer (from Amazon AppStore) and run them without using an emulator. And that is a real big novelty. A novelty made possible thanks to Intel Bridge which turns Android instructions into understandable commands for an x86 platform. In other words, Intel Bridge is a translator.

Intel Bridge is compatible with AMD and ARM processors

But the technology being from the foundry of Santa Clara, we wondered if the translator would also work on AMD platforms. The answer is yes. Intel confirms to our colleagues at The Verge that they have decided to create a technology that works as well with Ryzen that Core i. If you were worried that you might not be able to enjoy Android apps on your PC and have to change settings, you can take a breather. Microsoft also adds that Android apps will also work with the ARM version of Windows 11, without specifying whether it is a native medium or whether a

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However, we expected no less from Microsoft. Indeed, the compatibility with Android will be a considerable argument to convince on the one hand Windows users to stay under Windows (and not to change creamery) and on the other hand users of other operating systems to try. the Windows 11 adventure which finally brings a “unified” experience between computer and smartphone. What Apple has already been offering for a few years with macOS and iOS.

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