the brand is abandoning an anti-theft system that allows the smartphone to be monitored

Xiaomi Mix 4 ultimately does not embed an anti-theft and loss protection system that allows the smartphone to be located via eSim. A few days after the introduction of the smartphone, the Chinese company retreated. Of course, the service does not comply with the regulations in force in China. The project was therefore rejected.

Xiaomi MIX 4
Credit: Xiaomi

A few days ago, Xiaomi unveiled Mix 4, the first smartphone to feature a selfie image hidden below the image. It is also the first phone on the market to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 SoC.

During the performance, Xiaomi announced new anti-theft system which allows you to find a smartphone that has been lost or stolen by a malicious person. Thanks to the ESim, a removable card soldered directly to the motherboard of the smartphone, the manufacturer offered to monitor the Mix 4 even if the SIM card was removed. This security, highly effective in theory, should allow the smartphone to be located regardless of whether it is a bit like an AirTag or SmarTag beacon.

Xiaomi will cancel the anti-theft system with eSim days after the announcement

Unfortunately, this loss prevention system is not offered in Mix 4. In a message sent to the Chinese social network Sina Weibo Xiaomi announced the cancellation of the project. Of course, the technical side of the service is not responsible ”national provisions in force ” In China.

“This technology has not been approved. Therefore, we are canceling the online service and sincerely apologize to the users here.”, says a Chinese group. This announcement will be made three days before the phone arrives in Chinese stores on Monday, August 16, 2021. In China, it will be sold at a starting price of 4,999 yuan (658 euros).

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For your information, Xiaomi Mix 4 is not not sold outside the Chinese market. Don’t wait for your smartphone to land in France. We will tell you more about the future plans of the Chinese brand as soon as possible. While you wait for more information, feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.



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