Apple sold more 5G smartphones than Samsung in the first quarter of 2021, a report from Strategy Analytics reveals. Thanks to the colossal success of the iPhone 12, the Cupertino giant has become the largest seller of 5G compatible phones in the world. Samsung, a former industry leader, is relegated to fourth place, behind Oppo and Vivo.

iPhone 12 5G
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At the end of 2020, Apple lifted the veil on the iPhone 12, its first iPhone compatible with 5G. This new generation of high-end smartphones quickly met with titanic success. The iPhone 12 is also the best-selling smartphone on the market in January 2021, reports analysis firm Counter Point Research.

Thanks to the strong demand recorded by the iPhone 12, Apple became the largest seller of 5G smartphones in the first quarter of 2021, says Strategy Analytics. With 40.4 million 5G iPhones sold worldwide, the Californian group has seized 30.2% of the market share. “Apple’s iPhone 12 5G is proving extremely popular in China, Europe and the United States, due to its sleek design and surprisingly competitive prices” Woody Oh, director of Strategy Analytics, told the Korea Times.

Oppo and Vivo overtook Samsung in Q1 2021

The rise of Apple has relegated Samsung, number 1 in 5G smartphones in the last quarter of 2020, to fourth place in the ranking. The South Korean giant must be content with 12.7% of market share, compared to 34.6% a year ago. Still, chaebol shipped 17 million 5G smartphones in the first three months of 2021, up 105% from the previous year. This excellent performance did not protect the firm against its competitors. The early launch of the Galaxy S21s, and the strong sales recorded by the line, have not helped Samsung maintain its place on the throne.

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Samsung has mostly been left behind by Chinese brands who are taking advantage of Huawei’s tumble. Thanks to the Reno 5 and A55 compatible with 5G, Oppo rose to second place with 16.1% of the market share. In third place, we find Vivo with 14.5% of the market share. Xiaomi brings up the rear in fifth position, with 12.4% of the 5G market share worldwide.

Source: Korea Times



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