The iPad Pro and iMac running the SoC M1 will be available on May 21, 2021. The information was revealed by Apple in a press release, then quickly corrected. This is also the Apple TV 4K release date announced 10 days ago. They will therefore benefit from three weeks of pre-orders.

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On April 20, Apple released a new keynote. We have followed it for you and have published several articles on the different products that have been featured there. There’s the iPad Pro M1, which comes in two sizes (11 inches and 12.9 inches). There’s the iMac M1, only 24 inches (but there will definitely be a bigger one later). There’s the second-generation Apple TV 4K. There are the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini in purple. And there are the long overdue AirTags. Find here a summary of all the announcements of the Apple keynote.

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You can find two videos on our YouTube channel that present our two favorites from this conference: the iMac M1 and the iPad Pro M1. Find these two sequences at the end of the article. The starting price of the first is 1449 euros, while the price of the second starts at 899 euros for the 11 inch version and 1219 euros for the 12.9 inch version. The pre-order period starts tomorrow, Friday April 30, 2021.

iPad Pro, iMac and Apple TV 4K will arrive in stores on May 21

However, until now we did not have the length of this period. It is now done. On the occasion of the publication of the press release on the availability for pre-order of the two products, as well as of the 2nd generation Apple TV 4K, the company missed the date of availability in store. It would be the May 21, 2021. The information allegedly slipped into the meta-description of the press release and has since been corrected. However, the damage is done as a Twitter user took a screenshot and posted it to their account.

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This means that the three products will benefit from a period of exceptionally long pre-order three weeks. Note that it is also tomorrow that the other products presented by Apple will arrive in stores ten days ago. This therefore includes the AirTags, which will be available at 35 euros per unit, and the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini with the new spring color.



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