Sometimes, when you change your phone, you want to keep certain important or useful messages. It may then be useful to save the SMS from your Android smartphone. It is also a good method to protect against loss or theft because you can restore a backup of your precious text messages.

There is no automatic backup service for your SMS in the Android backup system as is the case with automatic photo backup on Android. You are currently forced to go through a third-party application.

There are a multitude of applications on the Play Store that allow you to provide this service. Each of them offers its own set of more or less useful functions. We have selected SMS Backup & Restore for you. We will see how to install this application, how to get started with it and use all of its features.

You will also learn how to configure a synchronization of your messages directly in the cloud so that you no longer have to schedule your SMS backups!

Save your SMS with Google Drive

On some devices from Android 11, it is possible to automatically save your SMS in Google Drive. To check if this is possible and activate it, go to the Settings in the section System then Backup.

Check that Save to Google Drive is checked.

To see what’s included in the backup, tap Backup [nom de votre appareil].

We can see in the list that the SMS are well included in the backup and that the last date of 4 days.

To restore your SMS, all you have to do is associate your Google account on a new phone for the latter to offer you the restoration.

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Backup and restore SMS with SMS Backup & Restore

Install SMS Backup & Restore

To install this application, you just have to go to Google Play then search SMS Backup & Restore.

Touch Install and wait for the app to download and install.

Once installed, go to your home screen and launch it.
After a little introduction, choose START NOW.

Back up your SMS with SMS Backup & Restore

As soon as it is launched and once you have granted it all the necessary permissions so that it can access your message, call and storage data, the application directly offers you to make a backup.

Then touch SET UP A BACKUP.

Then, you will have 3 steps to follow before launching the backup of your SMS. The first step is to select the data you want to back up.

By default, the application offers to save the SMS and the call log. Touch ADVANCED SETTINGS in order to see more features appear.

In particular, you can choose to also save the MMS as well as the emoticons (emojis) present in your messages. Note that if you check these options, your backup will take longer to perform but also heavier to store.
You can finally choose if you want to save all conversations or only some.

Once you have set your options, tap FOLLOWING to go to the next step.

The second step allows you to choose the medium on which you want to save your data. You will need to select either:

  • Google drive ;
  • Dropbox ;
  • OneDrive ;
  • Your phone.

Note that saving your SMS on the phone is not recommended since if the latter were to be lost or defective, you will no longer be able to recover your messages.
Once the storage media have been selected, select FOLLOWING.

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The last step is the one that allows you to schedule backups. If you want your backup to take place periodically, choose one of the three choices:

  • Daily;
  • Weekly;
  • Schedule.

Otherwise, touch ADVANCED SETTINGS and you will have access to other options to further customize the automation of your SMS and call logs backup.

In case you don’t want to make a single one-time backup, tap the green slider to cancel the schedule.

Once all these criteria have been chosen, tap SAVE NOW to start the backup.

The backup then starts and you are informed of its progress until it is complete.

Restore your saved SMS and MMS

In order to restore your saved SMS, all you have to do is open the side menu by touching the three bars at the top left of the home page of the application.

Choose menu Restore.

Depending on whether you have a backup on your detected on your phone or not, the application will offer you to directly restore a backup or you will have to choose a storage space.

Once checked what you want to restore to your smartphone: SMS or Calls, touch RESTORE to start the process.

The application will then ask you to authorize SMS Backup & Restore to become your SMS messaging application in order to have access to the SMS database. Authorize it by touching okay.

You will see a progress bar which will let you know that the work is in progress. Once it is finished, a notification will notify you.

Synchronize your SMS with Pulse SMS

Rather than saving and restoring your messages if you ever change your smartphone regularly (personal and professional mobile for example), there is a much more practical solution: synchronization. This is what Pulse SMS, an SMS management application, offers us.

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Install Pulse SMS

You will find this app on the Google Play Store by searching Pulse SMS.
Click on Install to start the download and let yourself be guided.

Set as default SMS app

When launching the application for the first time, you will be offered to choose Pulse SMS as the default application. This passage is mandatory so that the application can access the SMS database. Once this permission is granted, you will be able to use the application.

Set up synchronization

Once the app is up and running, you can set up automatic synchronization between devices, for a subscription.

This will allow you to find your messages on all media: PC, tablet or phone. So even at work or on your couch, you won’t miss any important messages.

Access to the premium version of the application will give you additional features, including advanced customization. Prices range from $ 0.99 per month, $ 1.99 per quarter to $ 5.99 per year.

In addition, Pulse SMS offers you features such as staggered sending of SMS, pausing notifications, etc.
It is a very simple and intuitive application that you will easily learn.

Now you know how to backup your SMS on Android. It is very likely that this SMS backup feature will soon be included in the Android automatic backup system. Have you ever lost your SMS following a loss, theft or breakage of your smartphone? Are you going to install an application to backup your SMS on Android?

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