Beautiful wallpaper apps to liven up your Android phone

Smartphones are amazing tools that allow us to communicate, stay connected, and be productive. There is only one small problem. Everyone looks the same. Regardless of the manufacturer or operating system, almost all available smartphones are bar-shaped devices with a touch screen. Of course, Android users can flash custom ROMs and iOS users can go to jail if they want to change the look of their device. Unfortunately, this often results in the warranty being thrown out the window and possibly a broken phone.

Fortunately, there are several ways Android users can liven up the look of their devices. Custom launchers can dramatically change the look and behavior of Android devices. If you like the look of your current launcher, you can still add personality without rooting or flashing new ROMs. An often-forgotten wallpaper can put a much-needed touch into your Android experience. Check out the amazing, striking wallpaper apps you can try right now.


Planet Earth is truly majestic. With Galileo application you can enjoy the beauty of nature with stunning topographic photographs. Galileo has a large library of stunning high-resolution photographs of the earth’s surface that can be used as a device wallpaper. The app organizes photos into collections, including coasts, fields, deserts, mountains and cities. There are currently about a hundred photos, but the app will be updated with new photos.

Smart wallpaper


Although the name is not very inspired, Smart wallpaper use a simple idea. Smart Wallpaper allows users to set different wallpapers for different situations. Users simply open the app and select wallpapers to be used automatically at certain times or in special situations. For example, suppose you have to feed your fluffy friend when you come home from work. You can use Smart Wallpaper to take a photo of your fluffy partner as a wallpaper at 5pm as a reminder. You can even set another wallpaper when you connect to different Wi-Fi networks, such as at home or at work. A smart wallpaper can feed the variety you need into your Android experience with little effort.

Loop wall

wallpaper loopwall

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Live wallpapers are visually stunning and can be a real conversation starter. Unfortunately, live wallpapers can consume the processing power of the processor, leading to severe battery drain. the Loop wall application work around this problem in a rather ingenious way. Instead of resorting to animations, Loopwall uses GIF files. Because GIF files need to be loaded only once, they consume very little processing power. This allows you to get live wallpapers without having to constantly worry about battery status. The app has over two hundred GIF animations ready to be used as wallpapers, or you can add your own.

Chameleon wallpaper

chameleon wallpaper

Appropriately named Chameleon wallpaper change color according to the environment. Users set Chameleon as the live wallpaper and launch the app. This opens the device’s camera application. Take a photo of something in the environment, and the chameleon app will analyze the colors of the subject. The app will then automatically apply these colors to your wallpaper. The only downside is that the app only works with two pre-installed wallpapers that have inspired the default Lollipop and Marshmallow themes. However, it is possible to create your own themes a a separate application called Kustom.

More black


If you are a fan of dark backgrounds, then More black is required. Blacker offers more than 20 categories, including cityscapes, abstract images, and architecture, and offers an extensive collection of stunning wallpapers. In addition to striking wallpapers, Blacker has the ability to save battery if you have a device with an AMOLED display. AMOLED monitors are known for their ability to produce darker blacks. They can do this because AMOLED displays can turn off individual pixels themselves, resulting in true black compared to the very dark gray produced by traditional LED displays. So if you use a background with a lot of black, these parts of the screen will be disabled. This saves battery power and extends the life of your device.

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What are your favorite Android wallpaper apps? Do you use any of the above? If so, let us know what you think!

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