Trading platforms Cryptocurrencies are a marketplace where you can Buy or sell Bitcoin And digital currencies. You can exchange digital currencies for other digital currencies or exchange them for fiat currencies such as the US dollar and the euro. In return, the trading platforms charge a small fee for all transactions that take place. These platforms enable traders to trade among themselves directly and exchange their currencies according to the exchange rate of the platform

Today there are many Bitcoin trading platforms And digital currencies. This provides investors with the opportunity to choose a reputable site with an easy-to-use interface and the highest level of security and protection for clients’ accounts from hacking. Each platform has its own set of rules and deposit methods.

What then are the best platforms or sites for trading and Investing in bitcoin And digital currencies?
Here is a detailed list Sites and platforms to trade or buy Bitcoin and digital currencies:

Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms and Sites | 100% safe


Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows you to buy and sell online without the need for a middleman. It is a digital currency in which transactions are verified without central bank intervention.
Whenever I talk to someone about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the first question they ask me is:

How can I buy and sell Bitcoin?


There are three ways to obtain bitcoins: a) mining Bitcoin. B) Buy Bitcoin via online trading platforms; C) Buying Bitcoin on the ground from a seller (Localbicoins)

If you want to obtain bitcoin, to invest, or to speculate with it and trade it, or to buy goods and services online …, here are the best brokers and trading platforms that you can use to obtain bitcoin and digital currencies:


The best bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platforms


The Binance platform


Binance site


Binance or “Binary Finance” is currently the leading platform in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading sector. The platform was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is considered the most reliable technically with large liquidity and more than 100 digital currencies to trade and almost every day it adds a new currency, and recently a service was launched to convert Bitcoin and digital currencies to traditional currencies such as the dollar and the euro, but this service is available for certain countries only.
A platform that respects the high standards of regulation and is recognized worldwide. The trading commission is as low as 0.1%, as well as the great technical support available around the clock if you need any help.

Coinbase platform


Coinbase website


One of the oldest and most popular bitcoin trading site, currently operating in 32 countries. Based in San Francisco and established in 2011. If you are a beginner, live outside the Arab countries and want to try your luck in the Bitcoin and digital currency market, Coinbase is the perfect choice for you. Coinbase supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, and every now and then they add new digital currencies. For transactions, you simply have to download the Coinbase app on your Android or iPhone device or you can trade on their GDAX Exchange Marketplace platform, which is especially suitable for seasoned traders.

KuCoin platform


Kucoin site


KuCoin is another platform for exchanging and trading a fair number of currencies. The platform is based in Hong Kong, you can trade KuCoinShares or KCS, BTC, ETH, NEO, USDT for example, and the platform’s website supports all known digital currencies and some new currencies, trading commissions are low. It exceeds 0.1%, and the fees for withdrawing from the platform vary according to the type of currency, and offers significant discounts for those who hold the KuCoin Share coin.
The platform is in English and somewhat similar to Binance

Poloniex platform


Poloniex website


Founded in 2014, Poloniex is one of the most popular platforms today and has an excellent reputation among traders. One of the cool features in Poloniex is the maker-taker feature. If you are a maker, you are required to pay a fee of 0 to 0.15% maximum on the traded amount. If you are a taker you must pay 0.10% to 0.25% fee. The chat window is another feature where traders share their experiences and the chat window is monitored by the site’s moderators to eliminate misleading or unethical messages. You must prove your identity by sending the required documents to be allowed to trade large amounts of Bitcoin and digital currencies.

The Bittrex platform


The Bittrex site


Bittrex is based in Seattle, USA, which is a bitcoin and digital currency exchange and supports more than 190 digital currencies available for circulation in all countries of the world. Bittrex charges a transaction fee of around 0.25%, which is a relatively high percentage compared to other exchanges and platforms. To open an account with Bittrex, you need to log in with your email address. To withdraw funds, you must submit documents to prove your identity. This process takes an hour at most.

BitMEX platform




BitMEX, short for “Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange”, is an advanced trading platform for Bitcoin and some digital currencies. BitMEX provides an advanced interface for investors to engage in the global financial markets with Bitcoin.
Unlike other cryptocurrency platforms, where you trade a specific currency for one of the other currencies, BitMEX focuses on contract trading. Prices are fed live.

The Kraken platform


Kraken site

Founded in 2011, Kraken is a San Francisco-based bitcoin trading platform. Here you can buy, sell and trade bitcoins between the Euro, Yen and US and Canadian Dollars. Kraken is especially suitable for experienced traders as they can benefit from a wide range of trading tools. The platform does not support Ethereum, Litecoin, Zogecoin, or Ripple … and this platform has a good relationship with traditional banks where you can withdraw your profits to your own bank.

BitMax platform


BitMax website


BitMax is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading platform that launched their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2018. BitMax offers digital currency trading service in the BTC, USDT and ETH markets. The platform’s token (TOKEN) is BTMX.

The Bithumb platform


BiHumb website


A trading platform for Koreans where digital currencies can be exchanged for fiat currencies. The website interface is very simple and easy to use. Bithumb is one of the largest exchanges in South Korea, allowing the buying / selling and storage of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Coinpayment platform


Coinpayment website


Coinpayment launched in 2013, a bitcoin trading site and a long list of tradable digital currencies, including ICO tokens.
Since its inception, Coinpayment has continued to add useful currencies and trading tools to its platform.





Bitfinex is the most controversial platform currently with its tether (USDT) currency, and this does not prevent cryptocurrency experts testifying that it is the most efficient platform in protecting its users’ currencies today. The platform does not accept any small accounts because all the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market whales trade on this platform, and the interface of the platform is very smart and that is why the bitcoin market whales prefer it.

CoinExchange platform


CoinExchange website


CoinExchange is a medium-sized trading platform that provides digital currency trading service between them. The platform website focuses on simplicity and protection. Although not much is known about the people behind the platform, it is popular among cryptocurrency investors as the platform offers the largest selection of currencies to trade.

Bitstamp platform


Bitstamp website


This site was established in 2011, and it is a bitcoin trading platform based in the United States of America. The Bitcoin wallet in the platform is very safe because Bitcoin is stored in an offline wallet “cold storage”. You can start trading by opening a free account and technical support is available 24 hours.

CEX.io platform




Founded in 2013, this platform is a London-based exchange. This platform allows traders to easily switch between conventional and digital currencies. The platform is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The user interface is easy to understand and use. A trader can withdraw in several ways. The mobile app for the platform is very simple and easy to use.

Huobi.pro platform


Huobi.pro site


Huobi.pro was launched in 2013, and this platform provides an opportunity for traders to trade more than 190 cryptocurrency pairs. Features of this platform include fast deposit and trading of many different currencies, with low trading fees of just 0.2% and excellent 24/24 hour technical support.

Yobit platform


Yobit site


YOBIT is a decent platform where you can trade dozens of cryptocurrencies, including the major clitecoin yttrium …
This platform features a chat window, where some traders share information that may be useful to you about their investments.

For me, I think the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2018 will be an interesting period for digital currencies and Bitcoin. On my part, I will try to take advantage of market fluctuations and make successful trades, God willing.
Before you leave, we would like you to answer the following questions, if you would like:
aHave you invested / traded Bitcoin?
BHave you ever used Bitcoin to pay for products or services?

We shared your own experience with Bitcoin and other currencies in the comments section for everyone to benefit.

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