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if you are looking for the best video editing apps for android and Iphone;this Article will help you.

the  It is often the head full of memories that we return from vacation, but also the smartphone and the tablet full of photos and videos. Rather than abandoning them in a forgotten repertoire, why not group them together in short thematic films that are pleasant to share and watch? has therefore selected four free video editing applications for all user profiles so that everyone can unleash their creativity on Android, iPhone and iPad.

1. InShot The best video editing app for android

InShot is undoubtedly the application that best adopts the codes of social networks. With its rather well-designed interface, the assembly process remains simple and intuitive. When opening the application for the first time, discreet indications are displayed to guide the use in its handling.

We add as many elements as we want to its assembly, and the work of cutting, classifying and organizing the clips can begin. The application offers to choose from many formats, some of which are specially adapted for a publication on Instagram, TikTok or even YouTube.

best free video editing app for android without watermark

best free video editing app for android without watermark


InShot does things well since, depending on the orientation of the videos chosen and the type of editing to be done, you can choose to zoom or adapt the video to the ratio applied, but above all to customize the type of filling (background, color, blur) to be used for the empty bands visible around the main video.

The clips are added one after the other, but a long press on one of them will easily move it to the beginning or the end of the timeline. Double tap on a clip. It is then possible to adjust the size of each video constituting your montage by selecting them one by one. It is then sufficient to act directly on the handles displayed on either side of the rush.

Throughout the editing, the main toolbar remains accessible. The modifications and settings that it allows to adjust can, as required, be applied to the selected clip, or to all the videos imported into the montage. It will then be possible to add text and stickers, split clips, adjust the soundtrack associated with each, adjust the speed and even apply a freeze effect or reverse playback.

best free video editing app for android

InShot offers many freely accessible songs in its sound library. Be careful, however, if the edited video is to be published online, the application suggests that you add the credits of the artists whose songs you use. It is also possible to reward their work by making a donation using an in-app purchase.

Regarding the different filters and effects, the application has the merit of clearly displaying the color: when a paid filter or effect is selected, the application will display an “Unblock all” button to invite you to subscribe to a subscription to get all content from InShot Pro. Finally, the edited videos are exported in 720p or 1080p, and a watermark, which can be removed once in its free version, will automatically be displayed at the bottom right of the film.

The +:

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+ Numerous predefined ratios
+ Very easy to master
+ Numerous image adjustment and correction settings
+ Video export in 720p or 1080p

The – :

– Watermark applied on exported videos
– Many effects and paid options

2.Adobe Premiere Clip the best video editing apps for android without watermark

The watered-down version of Premiere,  Adobe Premiere Clip  was officially pulled from the App Store and Play Store in September 2019. Instead, Adobe prefers to focus on Premiere Rush, a cross-platform all-in-one app. The only problem is that in its free version, Premiere Rush only allows three projects to be exported. Beyond that, the user must go to the cash register and take out a subscription billed at € 10.49 per month, which is enough to regret Premiere Clip.

However, if iOS users are permanently deprived of it, Android smartphone owners can still enjoy Premiere Clip by manually installing the app’s APK.

The application consolidates basic editing options into a simplified interface. Videos and photos can be taken on the fly using your device’s camera management. We also appreciate being able to import files from various local or online storage spaces, Adobe Premiere Clip supporting data synchronization with your Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Photos accounts.

best free video editing app for android without watermark

Whether automatic or free, the creation of projects relies on intuitive functionalities, perfectly suited to the less informed users. In the first case, Adobe Premiere Clip spontaneously generates a video that you can then edit using the free editor. In the second case, you manually cut, organize and edit your footage. Various settings allow you to add music, embed a watermark, program fades, arrange exposure, equalize volumes or apply filters. Adobe Premiere Clip even entertains by trying to cut the video track to the beat of the soundtrack.


Save options submitted by Adobe Premiere Clip include saving locally in 720p or 1080p, syncing with the Creative Cloud you must sign in to use the app, sending directly to Premiere Pro CC, or sharing on YouTube and Twitter.

The +:
+ Perfectly intuitive and adapted to touch interfaces
+ Offers an automatic editor and a free editor
+ Numerous customization options for a neat rendering
+ Synchronization of the modification history with Premiere Pro CC

The -:
– Mandatory connection to your Creative Cloud account
– No multitrack management
– No possibility to add text or modify the effects of transitions

3. Adobe Spark Video the best video editor apps for android                   

After removing Premiere Clip, iOS users will have no choice but to turn to Adobe Spark Video . Originally intended to create videos for social networks and the web for entrepreneurs or marketing content, Adobe Spark Video will do the job perfectly to put together a perfectly polished holiday movie in a few minutes.

Getting started with the app is simple since the video is built around a system of slides, which you then have to press to insert media. If the main goal here is to edit a film, it will be possible to integrate photos, fixed text, or even icons.

The cutting of each clip is done individually by acting on a dedicated button, and not from the timeline as in more professional applications. Nine predefined themes can be applied to the video, the format of which can be wide or square.

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best free video editing app for android without watermark

To give rhythm to the video, it is possible to add sound dressing, by integrating music stored locally in the multimedia library or in the iOS file manager. But it is also possible to choose from a catalog of music included in the application. Once the project is complete, the video can be exported directly to the camera roll, or shared. Be careful, however, in its free version, the application displays an Adobe Spark Video logo at the bottom right of the video, as well as a final slide indicating that it was made with the Adobe application.

The +:
+ Several predefined themes
+ Integrated music library
The -:
– Only two possible editing formats
– Importing the videos not practical
– Watermark and Spark advertisement slide on the final video
– No option to choose the export quality (limited to 720p)


4. PowerDirector the most powerfule and best video editing apps

Very complete, PowerDirector is aimed at a more informed audience than that of Adobe Premiere Clip. Excluding any form of automatic or semi-automatic editor, the application forces you to manually edit your video, starting by entering the title and the desired format (16: 9 or 9:16). The import of your files is done from your camera, internal storage space or Google Drive.

best video editing apps


A priori intimidating, the PowerDirector editing platform is more easily tamed than it looks. It has a familiar structure with the preview window, the timeline, the timeline slider and the juxtaposition of video and audio tracks. All the features offered by the application are accessible from the edit window for increased working comfort.


PowerDirector aspires to make its app a quality tool, capable of combining professionalism and ergonomics, knowing how to adapt to the tactile interfaces for which it is intended. The result is rather convincing, the various assembly operations being carried out with ease. We appreciate the porting of many options essential for good project management such as multitrack support, titling, effects, audio mixing parameters, traditional image framing tools, or even speed and color settings.

In its free version, PowerDirector allows the production of your videos in 720p HD. You can save your edits locally or share them instantly on Facebook and YouTube.

The +:
+ Complete and successful porting of a traditional editing software
+ Multitrack support
+ Numerous transition effects
+ Precise settings of many parameters for careful rendering and finishes

The -:
– The free version incorporates a CyberLink watermark on all videos and limits their production to 720p HD
– Interface slightly cramped on smartphone screens


Free made by Apple for iOS devices running 10 or purchased after 1 st September 2013; iMovie seduced by its extreme simplicity and its many features. You can import your photos and videos from your local storage space or your iCloud account without the possibility; unfortunately, of synchronizing your other online storage spaces such as Google Photos or Dropbox.

Taking fully into account the tactile medium on which you are working; iMovie endeavors to facilitate as much as possible the various manipulations of multimedia content. You can rearrange your files with the swipe of your fingers; add transitions between each shot to make the animation smoother, and even produce a Ken Burns effect to create movement within a still image.

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On the advanced settings side; iMovie introduces many additional features that deepen the customization work. Adding a soundtrack is a tap of your own music, even giving you the ability to layer sounds with multitrack support. A text editor allows formatting and integration of titles, transition effects are left to your liking; filters add style to your projects, and fade in and out options take care of the finishes of your achievements.

iMovie automatically saves your videos in the app. You can also export them to your computer via iTunes, save them locally in 360p, 540p, 720p, 1080p or 4K (for compatible devices), or synchronize them directly with your iCloud account.

The +:
+ Numerous effects and customizable transitions for careful rendering and finishes
+ Partial multitrack management
+ Videos exported up to 4K

The -:
– No synchronization possible with other online storage spaces than iCloud

6. GoPro Qui‪k‬

Faced with Adobe and CyberLink, GoPro is no exception. With Quik ; the action-cam maker offers a video editor primarily designed for automatic editing, mechanically generating polished movies from your files.

best free video editing app for android without watermark


When creating a new project; Quik imports your content from your mobile device’s gallery;your Google Photos space or your Facebook account. Thanks to its algorithm; the application captures the moments it considers to be the most important in each file and highlights them to create a fully personalized clip. Once the montage is generated; you can apply a style to it from a selection of templates and pre-recorded music. We appreciate the synchronization between the sequence and the rhythm of the music which guarantees meticulous transitions and finishes.


Quik has a few additional tools that allow you to manually edit your sequence. You can reorganize your files; add text to them, change the font, crop a point of interest poorly evaluated by the application’s algorithm; reduce or lengthen the display time of each plan, integrate your own music; change the starting point of the soundtrack; and even turn off the app’s outro without spending a dime.

Quik exports your videos in 720p or 1080p as you wish. You are then able to save them locally or generate a link to share with your loved ones or on social networks.

The pros:
+ No in-app purchase
+ Algorithm that captures the interesting moments of your videos
+ Ability to manually rearrange your videos
+ Videos exported in 720p or 1080p

The -:
– Content limited to 75 photos and videos
– No multitrack management


Among all the recommended applications;each is aimed at a specific audience;adapting to the knowledge and skills of the different user profiles. The editor’s choice finally fell on PowerDirector for Android and iMovie for iOS. two editors with more comprehensive features than their competitors.

Multitrack management, advanced settings and quick familiarization with all the options have tipped the scales in favor of these two apps for those who want to customize their video edits as much as possible.

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