beta 4 brings back the essential Wi-Fi switch

Successive beta versions of Android 12 just didn’t add new features to Google’s operating system, as they had hidden an essential Wi-Fi switch that would allow you to quickly enable or disable it.

Android 12 Wi-Fi
Beta 3 – Credit: Google

Google released the fourth beta version of Android 12 yesterday, and that means restores an important feature for everyone: Wi-Fi switch. The latter was hidden in the new Wi-Fi menu introduced by the second beta of Android 12, which apparently didn’t please users.

If you go to the control panel of your Android smartphone and click on a Wi-Fi connection, you will see the networks available in different areas anda switch that allows you to quickly enable or disable the connection. This is the one that Google wanted to remove, even though it turns out to be very practical.

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The Wi-Fi switch is back with Android 12 beta 4

In an earlier beta, Google had not completely removed the Wi-Fi switch, but had hidden it in a list of available networks nearby, which may be lengthy for some Internet users. For less advanced users, this means itActivating or deactivating a Wi-Fi connection was a little more complicated.

When Google unveiled a new Wi-Fi menu, we announced that this new feature will be changed in the future as users were asked to submit their opinions and suggestions. That’s why Google has probably received a lot of complaints from users. who did not understand how to turn off the device’s Wi-Fiand therefore decided to bring this valuable switch back.

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This beta 4 is the first part “Platform Stability” phase in the deployment of Android 12. In other words, beta versions thus bring less new features to gradually achieve a stable version, which will be introduced in the first smartphones by the end of the year. So this is good news for developers. They can now test the compatibility of their applications now that the APIs, features, and structure of the new operating system are locked.

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