Door-to-door or unwanted calls are unfortunately frequent. What could be more disturbing than receiving a call to be offered a new package or insulation of your roof? In this article, we will see how to block a number on Android: whether it is directly by number, by prefix or by hidden number, you will find all the methods to stop receiving unwanted calls!

Block a specific number on Android

For this part, we are going to tell you about the generic method to block a call in Android.

As an example, we will use a Google Pixel 5 smartphone running Android 11.

To get started, go to the app Phone then access the call history.

Locate the number you want to block then touch the menu and finally press Block / Report as spam.

Calls from this number are therefore automatically forwarded to the voice mailbox.

Automatic detection of unwanted calls

On recent Android versions, a feature allows you to prevent calls that are suspicious or considered spam. It is based on reports made by other users and alerts you during the call that your interlocutor is suspected of being spam.

In order to prevent you from answering prospecting calls, Google will go so far as to offer you to display the name of the caller in the context where the latter would be a professional.

To activate this feature, go to the application settings again Phone. Now touch Caller ID and spam.

In this window, two activation cursors are presented to you:

  1. Identify callers and spam: Google will display a message to let you know if the caller is corporate or spam. You are free to accept or reject the call afterwards.
  2. Filter unwanted calls: In this case, calls considered to be spam will be directly rejected to your voice mailbox, without notifying you.

Block unknown numbers on Android

If you do not want to receive calls from unknown numbers that disturb you, a function is also integrated in Android. Indeed, it is impossible to block a number if you do not know it.

To do this, go back to the application Phone. Touch the menu More top right. Then press Settings.

In Blocked numbers activate the option Unknown numbers.

Now, all the numbers that call you Unknown will be automatically forwarded to voicemail.

Use an Android app to block numbers based on their prefix

Sometimes it is the numbers of a certain prefix that annoy you. In this case, specialized applications can block them.

This is the case for example ofHiya, an application available on the Play Store.

To block a number by prefix, start by installing the application, give it all the necessary permissions and finally go to the tab Block list then touch the button +.

From the list, choose Number starting with then enter the start of the numbers to be blocked.

You will then find the prefix in the application’s block list.

Other methods to protect yourself from unwanted numbers

We have just seen different solutions to block a number with your Android smartphone. If these solutions are not enough to protect you from unwanted calls, you can consider other methods like:

  • Prevent rather than cure: be careful with whom you leave your phone numbers and be careful not to tick the boxes allowing you to share your data with third parties
  • Send STOP by SMS to numbers that send you spam by message
  • Register your number on the platform Bloctel.
  • Ask the caller to delete your number from the data file
  • Report the number on the spam platform: https://www.33700.fr/

For more information on your recourse possibilities, you can consult this Practical sheet concerning telephone spam.


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