This is how you center the Windows 10 taskbar icons, such as Windows 11

Microsoft recently made Windows 11. One of the striking features of Windows 11 that has caught the attention of many is the key icons on the taskbar. As always, this new design change will appeal to some, while others will take some time to adapt. This guide is for those who like the new centralized taskbar icons. Here we show the steps to center the Windows 10 taskbar icons just like Windows 11.

Center the Windows 10 taskbar icons

1. Right-click on the taskbar. In the list of options that appears, remove the Lock Taskbar option.

2. Right-click the taskbar again. This time you need to go to “Toolbars” and select the “Links” option.

3. Right-click the taskbar a third time and make sure the “Show Text” and “Show Title” options are selected.

4. The right side of the taskbar shows “Links” and two vertical lines in front.

5. Click and drag the two vertical “Links” lines to the left of the taskbar. This moves all the icons attached to the taskbar and moves them to the right.

6. Right-click the taskbar and deselect Show Text and Show Title.

7. You will notice that the text “Links” disappears from the taskbar.

8. Drag the two vertical lines in front of the pinned icons and place them in the center of the taskbar. Once centered, right-click the taskbar, and then click Lock Taskbar.

9. That’s it! You have successfully centered the Windows 10 taskbar icons by mimicking the look of Windows 11.


The trick above allows you to center the taskbar in Windows 10 just like Windows 11. If the taskbar doesn’t work, follow these methods to fix the problem. If not, check if your computer is compatible with Windows 11.

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