Is your credit card expiring? You can change, add, and remove the payment method linked to your Apple ID at will.

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What is the payment method for your Apple ID used for?

It is possible to have an Apple ID without providing it with a means of payment, even if it is necessary to pretend a little if it is in the case of creating an account. Provided you do not have active subscriptions.

As soon as you make a transaction in the App Store Whether it’s purchasing an app or in-app (or in-app) purchases, you need a payment method. It is also used for your various subscriptions to your applications or even Apple Music. If you don’t have a payment method when making a purchase, you will be prompted to add one.

You can choose several billing methods:

  • Bank card Visa, MasterCard, American Express ;
  • Paypal;
  • operator.

Depending on your operator and your country, your mobile operator can act as intermediary. Thus, all your purchases on the App Store, your subscriptions, etc. will be visible on your mobile plan invoice.

possible payment methods apple

Why change it?

Aside from a personal choice, you can have 2 error messages that can lead you to change the payment method of your Apple ID:

  • “There was a billing problem with a previous purchase. Please change your billing data to resolve the issue. “;
  • “There was a billing problem with a previous purchase. Click on Purchase History to learn about and resolve the issue. If you click Cancel, you won’t be able to make purchases until the billing issue is resolved. “.
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It’s possible that your payment method is blocked or that your bank card has expired.

Little tip : To avoid this kind of problem, you can add a PayPal account which is linked to your bank account rather than to a bank card. However, you can continue to do as you usually do, the choice is yours and no problem.

If you have more than one payment method, you can change the order. Thus, Apple will rely on this order at the time of billing.

change payment method

It is possible toadd several payment methods, from remove, but also from edit an existing one.

On an iPhone

On the iPhone you have 2 possibilities.

The 1re is to go to theApp Store :

  • tap your profile picture, in the upper right corner of theApp Store ;
  • touch your username;
  • identify yourself;
  • press Manage payments ;

iphone app store payment

  • press one of the “Payment methods” to modify it (then validate with Finish) or for Delete this payment method ;
  • Press on Add a payment method ;
  • select your “Payment Method”;
  • enter the requested information;
  • validate with Finished.

iphone app store change payment method

In the settings you can have an iCloud ID different from the one for the App Store. If this is your case, the 2of possibility will not affect the payment methods of the App Store ID, but is only available if your iPhone is under iOS 12.2 at least:

  • go to Settings > your name> Payment and delivery ;

iphone payment settings

And there, you will find the same possibilities as before:

  • press one of the “Payment methods” to modify it (then validate with Finish) or for Delete this payment method ;
  • Press on Add a payment method ;
  • select your “Payment Method”;
  • enter the requested information;
  • validate with Finished.
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iphone settings change payment method

On a Mac

Unlike the iPhone, you cannot change the payment method from the Apple ID settings. However, you can change the billing address.

mac preferences payment system

You have to go onApp Store :

  • click on your name, in the lower left corner of theApp Store from your Mac;
  • click on Show information ;

mac app store display information

  • identify yourself and validate with To log in ;
  • click on Manage payments in front of “Payment method” in the 1re section titled “Apple ID Summary”;

mac app store manage payments

  • click on Edit in front of one of the “Payment methods” already existing to modify it (validate with Finished at the bottom of the page) or Delete this payment method ;

mac app store edit delete payments

  • to add a payment method, click on Add then enter the requested information;
  • validate with Finished at the bottom right of this page.

mac app store add payments

Without Apple device

If you don’t have an Apple device handy, you still have a few solutions.

Unfortunately, go on the Apple ID management site will not be completely useful to you. Indeed, you can only modify a payment method (neither add nor delete).

Take your computer Windows or tablet Microsoft Surface :

  • open itunes ;
  • click on Account > View my account in the menu bar;
  • enter your identifiers;
  • click on Manage payments opposite “Payment method” on the “Account details” page;
  • click on add or edit a way topay.

itunes manage payments

itunes manage payments

If you have a device Android or Google Chromebook, this is via Apple Music that you will have access to these options:

  • open the app Apple Music on your Android or Chromebook;
  • open the menu represented by 3 dots or 3 lines;
  • Press on Account > Payment information ;
  • modify, delete or add payment methods.
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apple music android

You will no longer have any brakes to make purchases or subscribe to the subscriptions of your choice.

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