We live in an era when data is man’s most valuable asset. On the other hand, data loss can also happen easily today. You never know when your hard drive will harm you or when you suddenly forget the little microSD card that contains your project proposal.

Therefore, regular backup of your data is essential. Fortunately, Mac users have the Time Machine backup feature for backup (pun purpose). Once configured, it will do its job on the clock silently in the background without user interference. The default setting is once an hour.

But there is a problem. Backup consumes a significant amount of system resources. This can affect the performance of other running applications and slow everything down, especially for those with an older system. Slowing down your system every hour for a few minutes is no fun.

Unless you work with important data that needs to be backed up on an hourly basis, most everyday users can live less often with backups and better system performance. How do I change the Backup frequency of Time Machine on a Mac?

Machine editing

One thing is for sure: you cannot change the backup frequency in Time Machine System Preferences. The only options available are to select a backup disk and to exclude folders from backups.

time-machine-mte settings

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