Interest in Windows 11 is huge, especially in whether a computer can be upgraded to the latest version of Windows when it releases in the next few months. Microsoft has released its own PC Health Check app that lets you know if a computer can run Windows 11, but it’s not very informative, although it has been updated to provide more information.

Moreover, this tool called PC Integrity Control in French is no longer offered by Microsoft which announces that it will be put back online soon. The time certainly to review his copy which seemed very muddled before proposing a version of his tool which is reliable.

But PC Health Check isn’t the only tool to check whether or not you can upgrade to Windows 11.


Two other tools offer to test the compatibility of a computer to host Windows 11: WhyNotWin11 and Win11SysCheck. These two tools are free to download from GitHub.


WhyNotWin11 can be run on computers that still run Windows 7 – although if you’re stuck with that old OS, the chances of you being able to run Windows 11 are probably a bit slim. The developer of WhyNotWin11 describes it as a “Detection script to help identify why your PC is not ready for Windows 11”.

WhyNotWin11 will check for hardware compatibility in a number of areas including CPU type, TPM version, amount of RAM, etc.

Run the tool, you will need to run it as administrator, and with any luck you will see results that look like this image:



Win11SysCheck is an excellent open source utility that gives you a straightforward yes or no answer, as well as useful information if the answer is no.

While WhyNotWin11 has a nice user interface, Win11SysCheck is text based. It might not be as appealing, but it’s at least as good at giving you the information you need, and having a choice of tools is good, after all.


As you can see in the image above, you get a detailed breakdown of all the checks that have been run, and a clear indication (check passed!) that you will be able to upgrade to Windows 11.


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