PC games are pretty big; You’ll find small games that offer a few hours or days of play to create just a few gigabytes, but there are a lot more than 10 gigabytes of games. If you have a large game library, you have a large SteamLibrary folder and often find that you are running out of space.

Many players delete or save games that they have completed and no longer play and delete the game from their system. Deleting a Steam game is easy, but sometimes it leaves files that can take a long time to clean.

Clean up the SteamLibrary folder

This cleaning only applies to residual files. No games will be deleted. If you want to delete games, you can do so from Steam.

Steam Library Management

Steam Library Manager is a free and open source application that provides users with a more intuitive interface for managing their Steam library. It can also delete residual files. Valve has not developed the application and is not affiliated with it.

  1. Download and install Steam Library Manager by Github.
  2. Run the application.
  3. Mene Library Cleaner tab.
  4. You’ll see a list of spam files found by the app. Click the Delete All button delete them.

Steam cleaner

Steam Cleaner is another open source third-party tool that can clean up files left in the SteamLibrary folder.

  1. charge, install and Start the steam cleaner.
  2. The steam cleaner goes automatically detects spam files in your SteamLibrary folder.
  3. Click the Delete button delete them all.


Deleted files cannot be recovered, but if you install a game that needs these files, it will add them back. If the files are enabled, none of these applications will treat them as spam files. None of these tools can restore large amounts of space. You could get up to a few GB of space, but it depends on the original size of the SteamLibrary folder and the number of games you deleted.


The SteamLibrary folder will be large. In fact, it can be one of the largest folders on your system, even larger than a Windows folder. It is good to reduce it every now and then, but the tools we present here are cleaning tools, not crimping tools. Your library is still large enough. If you have little space, consider installing games on an external drive.

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