Want to have additional shortcuts without buttons or complicated gestures? Do you know of a named accessibility feature Touch the back of the device on your iPhone?

touch back device

Which devices are affected?

Touch the back of the device is one of the few features that is available on the iPhone, but not on the iPad. However, you will need to have a fairly new iPhone. The devices that can benefit from it are therefore a little more limited than usual, but nothing too shocking.

Here are the minimum conditions that your device must meet to be eligible:


By going to the options ofAccessibility, you will find this feature. This is also where AssistiveTouch which allows you to use your iPhone by limiting the use of buttons. Moreover, some shortcuts that are possible with Touch the back of the device also allow you not to touch the buttons as for adjusting the volume.

Let’s see how to configure it:

  • open the app Settings ;
  • touch Accessibility ;
  • press To touch in “Physics and motor skills”;
  • go down to find Touch the back of the device ;
  • Press on Touch twice and select the desired functionality;
  • do the same for Touch 3 times.

iphone configure touch back device

To activate the Touch twice where the Touch 3 times that you have just personalized, you just have, as the name suggests, to tap the back of your iPhone 2 or 3 times according to the feasts.

You can configure only one or the other, at your convenience. Although it offers fewer possibilities than AssistiveTouch, this feature has several interesting shortcuts. You will find access from System, ofAccessibility, of Scrolling gestures or even Shortcuts (the application).

Why activate it?

Unlike sound recognition, which is hardly useful if you are not hard of hearing, Touching the back of the device is aimed at a larger audience.

Although we find this option in the menu Accessibility, again this is not just for those with difficulty. It is a help to access options, functionalities or menus. Of course, if you have motor skills issues (or a small hand), difficulty reaching buttons, or making gestures, this is an extra feature to help you out.

Especially with volume settings, screenshots, control center, etc.

apple logo accessibility

Having trouble reaching the top of the screen? In the same idea ofAccessibility actions, there is Easy Access.

You can also use Touch the back of the device to add a shortcut to a feature you use often, if your buttons are fussy, or if your shell does not allow your buttons to be used.

Indeed, this functionality works with shells. Surely not all of the cases, but with one of Redbubble’s cases and another from RhinoShield, Touching the back of the device works.

Regarding the aid provided for a problem with the buttons, there’s screenshot, volume settings, Siri, lock screen, etc.

For replace touch gestures, you find access to Spotlight, app switcher, control or notification center, scrolls, etc.

To get a more precise idea, do not hesitate to consult all the shortcuts made available.

iphone choice touch back device

iphone choice touch back device

If your iPhone is often the screen against the table and you like to tap it, mechanically you will trigger the feature often. The back is very sensitive.

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