The best software options for creating a bootable backup for your Mac

While Time Machine is a great way to recover deleted files assuming your hard drive is boat-shaped, what happens if it crashes? You will need to purchase a new drive, reinstall macOS, download purchased programs online, and download files from a Time Machine backup.

This article discusses some of the best programs available to run Mac-bootable backups. With a backup drive, all you have to do is use one of these programs to back it up, and in the event of a crash, use the drive via USB and SATA until you have time to install it over your computer’s SATA connection. In addition to mentioning some of the best programs in this article, this article describes the pros and cons of these programs.

1. Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon copy cloner is free for the first 30 days without conditions. It has all the features of a full-featured paid program for a limited time only. Nonetheless, if you only need to back up once, like a hard dive change, don’t look any further. If you plan to create a bootable backup automatically every day, you may want to consider other options.

In addition to the key features, Carbon Copy Cloner offers a few other things. Because the cloning process takes some time, you can continue your day and an email notification will be sent when the process is complete. SafetyNet is a feature that also backs up temporary and recently deleted files if you need to restore them (space allowed).

2. Super Duper!

clone hard drive superduper

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