Crytek released Crysis 4. This new episode of the saga was revealed through a mysterious teaser. No headline yet, but one thing is for sure: this should be a technical demo.


The fourth part of Crysis has been released! A few minutes after the leak on Chinese social networks, Crytek Studio raised the curtain on this new title. No pictures or even promises of graphics, only a 47 second teaser which mentions “join the adventure, become a hero.”

This teaser shows a well-styled series reminiscent of ruined buildings. As a reminder, the second and third parts took place in New York, first attacked by strangers, then completely destroyed. It would not be surprising if this section 4 brings us back to the big apple.

Crysis 4, a game that gets your computer on its knees?

Crytek has always made a specialization in the release of FPS, which are certainly classic, but whose special feature is investing in all the graphics to show off the features of Cry Engine. This was the case with the first Far Cry in 2004, then with Crysis in 2007. Crysis 2 was released in 2011 and Crysis 3 in 2013. So it’s been 9 years we look forward to continuing. Let’s bet this new title will get our PC on its knees.

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Crysis returned to the limelight last year with a remastered version of the trilogy. The games knew visual facelift and ultimately playable in modern conditions. A way to get players back into the game before the release of this fourth episode.

As a reminder, Crysis puts you in the shoes of a super soldier with a suit that adapts to any situation. This is an aisle FPS that is certainly not the most original in terms of its gaming system, but one that is effective. The first Crysis in 2007 was just a visual blow and only the most powerful computers of that time were able to use it. We should get new information about this new component soon.

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