With Google News, don’t miss Android News on PhonAndroid, but also our tips, complete tests and all our tutorials! Doing this is no simpler. Just add PhonAndroid to your favorites in Google News. Here are the steps to follow.

Phonandroid Google News

Google News, or Google Actualités in France, provides users with a portal where they can easily read current news, but not only that. It is also possible to add multiple favorite sites. That way, you won’t miss a single release from your favorite newsroom. Since Google News is probably the easiest way to follow our news feed, but also to see our latest tests, we’ll explain the procedure add PhonAndroid to your favorite sites.

Download Google News

The first logical step, go to Game Store orApp Store charge Google News. Note that the application is installed by default on the majority of smartphones.

Google News for Android


Download Google News for Android

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Add Phonandroid to your favorites list

Follow the link below so you don’t miss any news from the Android universe on Phonandroid. Once on the page, click the star in the upper left corner of the screen to add Phonandroid to your list of favorite sites. Note that it is also possible to use the application’s search engine: by typing Phonandroid, you should find us right away.

phonandroid tutorial google news
Adding PhonAndroid to favorites is very simple.

If you want quick access to all your favorite media content, you can also place shortcuts on your smartphone’s home page.

  • Click the three small dots next to the star on Android to open the drop-down menu Add to home page.
  • In iOS, you can do the same by creating Siri shortcuts. When you’re on the page for one of your favorite sites, click Add to Siri. All you have to do is specify a keyword orally, such as “Phonandroid” or “News Hightech” and then save the shortcut
phonandroid suite tutorial
You can also add Phonandroid as a shortcut to your homepage for faster access

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