Could Tesla one day launch a new 100% electric car selling for $ 25,000? However, if the idea is attractive, it is not topical. Elon Musk himself confirms it: affordable Tesla is not in his plans.

elon musk sold shares in tesla

Tesla manufactures high-end and therefore expensive 100% electric cars. The cheapest, the Tesla Model 3, sells for over € 40,000 (without bonuses). Could the brand sell much cheaper car? Not according to Elon Musk.

Rumors of a possible Model 2 have spread online. Would Tesla decide to expand its offerings to smaller budgets? We are talking here about a new vehicle sold for EUR 25 000, which is quite right for a sedan. Musk stop all those corridor sounds.

Tesla is not working on a $ 25,000 vehicle

The CEO spoke on the topic at a meeting between investors. He did not hit the bush and overturned all the wishes of his shareholders:

“We’re not working on a $ 25,000 car right now. We already have too much to do.”

It is clear, clean and precise. Don’t expect Tesla to enter the market for cheaper vehicles. However, it will necessarily cut it one day.

100% electric cars will indeed be the norm. A long transition that should be completed by the middle of the century, pushed by both manufacturers and governments. But this transition must not be left out of the population either: not everyone can afford (or want) to spend € 40,000 on a car.

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Tesla is not currently interested, and for good reason: the brand suffered from a lack of most semiconductors. This was also the main topic of this investor meeting. It was not able to release a new model in 2021, and it should be the same in 2022. The aim is therefore to honor orders already placed and to produce more existing models instead of designing new ones.

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