Phone operators around the world are preparing to eliminate 2G and 3G, Android BRATA malware will delete data from the smartphone and clear the bank account, the seller of IPTV boxes fined, this is a summary.

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5G has been available around the world for a few years now, and operators are gradually starting to move away from the old 2G and 3G networks. Android smartphones, on the other hand, are victims of the new BRATA malware, which is able to initialize devices to factory defaults. Finally, the Swedish courts ordered the seller of the IPTV adapters to pay EUR 145 000 in damages to the Swedish television channels. Come on, let’s get to the summary on January 25, 2022!

The seller of IPTV boxes was convicted in Sweden

In Sweden, police managed to identify in 2019 a 58-year-old IPTV boxer who sold equipment and orders. In the 50’s, the profit was almost 30,000 euros. For this reason, four Swedish broadcasters have filed a complaint against the seller, who was recently ordered to pay the injured television channels EUR 145,791.41.

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Android: Malware attacks your data and bank account

Android smartphone users have encountered a new malware called BRATA that can initialize victims ’devices to factory defaults. Hackers would specifically target online banking customers to steal their IDs and then the contents of their bank account. He would even be able to trace the location of his victims and create multiple communication networks.

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Stop clapping for 2G and 3G, make room for 5G

With the advent of 5G to most operators around the world and the rapid expansion of 4G coverage, operators are increasingly considering shutting down 2G and 3G networks. The goal is to free up the bandwidth needed for the proper deployment of new 5G antennas and future 6G networks. Once the networks are completely gone, phones that are only compatible with 2G and 3G connections will no longer be able to make or receive calls or messages.

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