Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox Series X and PC at the same time. The studio 343 Industries does not want to abandon this last platform and intends to pamper gamers on Windows 10. For example, the graphics options will be extremely advanced and the game will support ultra wide angle displays even beyond the 32: 9 format. .


The Halo saga and the PC, it’s never been a great love story. The very history of the license is very much tied to the Xbox brand, and computer gamers have always been a bit neglected. This will not be the case for Halo Infinite, promises the studio 343 Industies, which unveils today his work on this platform.

Halo Infinite will remain an emblem of the Xbox Series X, as it has been since its announcement. However, PC gamers will be able to enjoy it from the day of release and can even synchronize their backups from their Xbox console. Microsoft is banking on convergence on this generation and it would have been surprising if Halo was not in the game.


Halo Infinite will have advanced graphics options

But that’s not all. Halo Infinite won’t just be a hasty port of console gaming to PC. As the studio explains, it has been carefully developed on this platform. The most telling example is the support for ultra wide angle formats.

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Many PC gamers today have a widescreen, most often 21: 9, or even wider, up to 32: 9 as with the Samsung Odyssey G9. They know that many games are compatible, but that some concerns remain. For example, it’s not uncommon to have black stripes on the sides during cutscenes or in menus. In addition, some titles do not go beyond 21: 9.


This will not be the case with Halo Infinite, which will not only support 32: 9 at 100% (even in menus and cinematics) but can also go beyond. As the studio explains in its blog post, it will also be possible to adjust the FOV (field of view) up to 120 degrees in order to adapt the display to your needs. The icing on the cake, the framerate will be customizable with a minimum and maximum rate in order to have the most stable game possible in terms of frames per second.

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In short, this version will not be on the cheap and we can expect not only a big Xbox game, but also a big PC hit. As a reminder, Halo Infinite will be released at the end of the year.


Source: 343 Industries



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