Facebook Messenger has just received a new update. On the program, several new features all dedicated to emojis, like Soundmojis, Facebook’s latest find.

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Credits: Facebook

As the preferred messaging service for the French alongside WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger continues to acquire new features to prevent its users from taking a look at the competition. In recent months, the instant messaging service has been equipped with a Snapchat-style ephemeral message system, a quick response bar to images and videos, or the ability to lock your conversations for more protection.

With this new update, Facebook is this time focusing on emojis. First, a search bar for emojis will make its appearance. No need to scroll through the long list of available emojis to find the one you want, just type in a few keywords to reduce the number of proposals. A considerable time saver for all emoji aficionados.

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Credits: Facebook

Facebook Messenger celebrates emojis

In the same vein, Facebook Messenger will set up a “Recent reactions” section. You will be able to find your GIFs, animated stickers, emojis and your recently used effects there in order to bring them out quickly if necessary. Another novelty to note, a new chat theme joins the long list offered by Messenger. This is obviously a Space Jam 2021 special theme, since as you know, the sequel to the famous film with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes made its cinematic debut since July 14, 2021.

If you want to have Bugs Bunny as your wallpaper during your conversations, just click on the I tab located at the top right, then go to Themes to apply the theme of your choice. In addition, and this is the main novelty, the famous Soundmojis will make their entry via this new update.

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As a reminder, it is simply emojis accompanied by a sound sample, like applause, drums, goats or even crickets. Some emojis are also from popular songs by Drake or Kanye West, or world famous series like Brooklyn nine-nine for example. For now, the update is being deployed, so make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Facebook Messenger to enjoy all of its new features.

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