The social network Facebook is said to be testing a new way to fight against the dissemination of false information on its platform. This is because Facebook will now display a pop-up asking you to read the articles before sharing them.

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For the past few months, Facebook has been at war against fake news on its platform. Still today, too many Internet users share articles without even having opened them, which can contribute to the spread of false information.

Facebook explains in a tweet that from today, the social network ” will test a way to promote more informed sharing of news articles. If you want to share the link of a news article that you haven’t opened, we’ll display a window encouraging you to open and read it before sharing it with others. “.

Read the articles before sharing them

If you want to share an article that you haven’t yet opened, Facebook will notify you with a pop-up that you may have missed important key points, which may not be found in the title of the article. The goal of Facebook is to make its users reconsider sharing links if they are not aware of all the content of the article., because reducing it to its title can sometimes be misleading. It will of course always be possible to share an article without having opened it, even if the social network does not encourage this practice.

Facebook is not the only social network to have taken such a measure to try to stop the dissemination of false information, since Twitter had unveiled a similar feature in June 2020. A few months ago, the latter shared the benefits of This measure. Based on company data, it would have led users to open articles 40% more often and would have contributed to slowing the speed of the spread of false information. Right now, Facebook is engaged in the fight against anti-vaccines and fake news about COVID-19, and this new feature goes in that direction.

According to The Verge, a Facebook spokesperson said that this test would be deployed to 6% of Android users worldwide. We imagine that if it is successful, this new functionality will be deployed more widely.

Source: Facebook

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