With the proliferation of connected devices, we quickly get lost. A tablet for the home, a smartphone for work and finally a personal: the result is that we quickly forget where we left it. In this article, we suggest you see what solutions you can implement to more easily find a lost or stolen Android phone.

Find an Android device with the Google Find My Device service

The Google Find My Device site

Google provides a service that allows you to locate all the devices associated with your Google account, this is the Find My Device service, also known as Google Find My Device. It is an application combined with a web console, on which you will find all your devices on a map. It will also be possible to make them ring to find them, to erase the content remotely or to change the lock password.

I regularly use this service to ring and find my phone even when silent.

You can access the console at this address to locate your devices: android.com/find

To view your devices on this site, there are some prerequisites:

  • The device is switched on;
  • It is connected to your Google account;
  • It is connected to the Internet by Wi-Fi or mobile data;
  • The location functionality is enabled;
  • The Find My Device app is enabled and configured.

Here are the steps to follow.

Activate the Find my device option in the settings

Some Android devices have a locate option that must be activated in order to benefit from the service of finding your Android device.

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When you activate and link a Google account to a new Android device, this option should be enabled by default. However, you can check its status by following these guidelines.

Go to Settingssecurity (or Lock screen and security) and then find the option Locate my device. This must be activated.

Google Find My Device app for Android

If you can’t find the option in your settings, you can install and configure the Find My Device app on Android.

In addition to allowing you to find your lost or stolen Android phone, you will be able to view all of your other devices, such as an Android watch for example, from the application. It also allows you to lock a device until you find it.

Install the Google Find My Device app

First, go to the Google Play Store and download the following app: Google Find my device

Once the app is downloaded and installed, open it.

Configure the application

The first step is to choose which Google account you want to connect your device to. Choose it from the list then touch Carry on. You will then have to enter your Google password.

Give it all the requested permissions.

You are now connected in the application, you can see all your connected devices as well as the one you are holding in your hand.

For advanced functions of remote data deletion or password change, it is necessary to give administrative application privileges to Find my device.

To do this, go to the settings of your smartphone or tablet, in the section security.

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Then open the menu Administration apps.

Here is the list of all the apps that can have administrative access on your device. Check that the app Locate my device is activated.

The application is correctly configured, so you can locate your device in the event of loss or theft from any PC, whether by accessing the online console or with an Android device connected to the Find my application. device with the same account.

Find an Android phone with a connected tracker

Last year, we presented a Bluetooth tracker that allowed you to find your small items such as keys and wallet, the PebbleBee. You can come back to our test article of this product by following this link.

Today we’re going to show you how to find your device with another of these Bluetooth trackers, the Tile Pro.

Tile Pro (2020) Set of 2 Bluetooth Item Locators, …

  • FIND YOUR KEYS, BAGS AND MUCH MORE: Tile Pro is a high performance and ideal tracker …
  • FIND NEARBY: Use the Tile app to ring your Tile Pro when it …
  • FIND REMOTE: If the Bluetooth range is too short, use the Tile app to …

Equipped with a button on one of its faces, it then allows you to find your Android phone, provided that the latter is within the Bluetooth range of the tracker.

After installing the Tile app on the Google play store, configure it by pairing your devices.

After configuration, double-pressing the “Tile” button on the device makes your phone ring and vibrate, even if it is silent.

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A notification informs you that a Tile device is trying to find your device.

Here are two methods to find your lost or stolen phone.

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