EthereumFor the first time, the Ethereum (ETH) price exceeds $ 3000

A new symbolic price has been crossed by the Ethereum (ETH) price which is now above $ 3000 / € 2495 on Binance.

Following in the footsteps of Bitcoin BTC which has already tripled its high at the end of 2017, from $ 20,000 to $ 60,000, the ETH price has doubled its high of 2018 which was around $ 1,500.

It must be said that the Ethereum blockchain, despite its concerns about congestion and significant costs, remains the leading blockchain when it comes to everything that is smart contracts (smart contracts) and especially the fdecentralized inance DeFi exploding.

We will add to this the NFT sector which also passes mainly through the Ethereum blockchain and which is in strong development as we have seen in many articles.

This helping, the Ethereum blockchain therefore consolidates its position as a leader in decentralized blockchains, even if many competitors such as Tezos, Solana or the Binance Smart Chain hope one day to be able to compete with the first of the blockchains of the crypto market.

There is still a lot of potential for the Ethereum blockchain, especially when it completes its transition to ETH 2.0 proof of stake mode which should ultimately solve its problems of congestion and exorbitant fees.

The bank JPMorgan even published a report for its customers praising the Ethereum blockchain, and its optimism about the rise in the ETH price in the future.

The Ethereum staking It is also very successful on specialized platforms such as Kraken or Binance.

A number of updates to the Ethereum network are expected to go live in the coming months, including in July, the upgrade called EIP-1559 which will burn tokens previously intended for ETH miners.
An event that should also boost the price of the ETH token.

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Another positive impact of the rise in the Ethereum price, altcoins should benefit from a strong upward movement in the tradition of the ETH token.
The starting signal for alt seasons starts with the market leader altcoin, ETH.

A crypto market which therefore remains bullish and which celebrates the passage of this symbolic milestone of $ 3,000 by Ethereum.

An ETH price currently around $ 3,091 / € 2,571 on Binance.

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