Learn how to create a QR Code, thanks to this free code generator without advertising and respectful of your personal data.

What is a QR Code?

The QR Code is a bar code, but more evolved because it has 2 dimensions (square). The QR Code thus contains much more information than a simple barcode.

The QR Code has now spread widely in our society, and the concept is known to all. With a simple reader, for example from a smartphone, it provides instant access to the information it contains. There are many uses: link to a website, location on a map, video, visit card, mobile payment, etc.

Business card with QR Code.
An example of a business card in the form of a QR Code. It is directly the code which contains the various contact information of the business card. Photo : Apollo Photography / Unsplash

QR Code means Quick Response Code. He was invented in the 1990s by the Japanese automotive industry, in particular for the logistical traceability of Toyota parts. It entered the public domain in Japan in 1999, then established itself as an international standard.

In France, another 2-dimensional code format exists: the flashcode. However, the latter allows less storage of information, and above all, it is not international unlike the QR Code.

Generate a QR Code for free with goQR.me

There are many QR Code generators on the internet, but not all are created equal.

I always pay special attention to the use of personal data for this kind of services.

I am using goQR.me because it is quite clean on this side. A quick tour of their privacy policy highlights the following points:

  • the QR code is encrypted during transmission
  • it is not stored by the service
  • the service does not track its use (there is no log of the use of QR code, it is in fact a possible option but for professional marketers who use the paid version of the service)
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So for personal use goQR.me is quite suitable.

Let’s see now how to create a QR code :

Generate a QR Code on goQR.me
  • Go to the site goQR.me
  • Select the type of data you want to store in the QR code. For example an internet link (URL)
  • Complete the data in the fields
  • All you have to do is download the QR Code generated via the link Download. With the link Embed, you can even choose to integrate it directly into an email or a web page

And here is the result for a QR Code that points to this blog article for example:

Now, it’s your turn to play !

You can thus generate QR Codes for an internet link, text, a business card, geolocation, wifi connection information (very practical if, for example, you often receive guests at your home), and much more!

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