Like the performance diagnostic in Windows 7, Windows 10 is equipped with a utility that allows you to obtain a performance index of your PC in order to know how it is in different areas such as memory, processor or stability. of the system. This is the Windows 10 or WEI performance index for Windows Experience Index.

To calculate it and evaluate the performance of your Windows 10 computer, it’s very simple: just use the command prompt or PowerShell.

Windows 10 performance index with PowerShell

This data on the performance of your PC can be obtained via a PowerShell command.

Open a PowerShell window in administrator mode, run the following command:

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_WinSAT

The results are displayed directly after the execution of the command, here the results are highlighted in yellow.

Windows 10 Performance Index with Performance Monitor

One of the tools present in Windows 10 also allows you to display the WEI score of your PC. This is the Performance Monitor. The advantage is that you don’t have to enter a command, everything is done with the mouse.

To open it, type Analyzer from the Start menu.

Once the window is open, head to Reports then System and finally System Diagnostics. Click on the line corresponding to the name of your computer. A line is created by report, with an associated date.

If this list is empty, you will have to request the creation of a report.

To do this, go to the section Data Collector Sets, System then System Diagnostics. Then click on the button Action at the top of the window then on Start A new report is then created, you will find it as explained previously.

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With the CMD command prompt

To access the Windows 10 performance index with CMD, you need to open a command prompt as an administrator.

Then enter the following command: winsat formal. Then let the PC work for a few minutes.

When the command is finished, go to the following folder on your computer: C: Windows Performance WinSAT DataStore

This folder contains all the performance reports for your PC. Often, a first is created during Windows installation and subsequent ones are created upon user request. The file containing the global test is named XXX Formal.Assessment (Recent) .WinSAT.xml. To find the one we just created, sort the files by modification date and open the most recent with your browser.

The file we open is an XML file, not necessarily optimized for reading. However, it is easy to find your computer’s score by going to the game. WinSPR of the XML file. Here you will find all the notes that your PC obtained out of 10.

Interpret the results

As we explained earlier, the scores are always out of 10. To determine your score, Windows will always use the lowest score. We can consider that above 8, the components are efficient.

Depending on the ratings of the various components of your device, you may take measures such as improving certain parts such as the hard drive for example if it does not provide sufficient read / write speed. In this case, you could clone your old hard drive to SSD.

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