GooBang Doo ABOX A4 Android TV Box Reviews

Disconnecting from the line or avoiding subscription fees by using the Internet as a source of television programs is a popular pastime. As your home’s Internet speed increases and small, HDMI-compatible smart computers can sit comfortably under your TV; there is no real need to be a cable or satellite subscriber.

In this review, we look at an effective new Android competitor GooBang Doo ABOX A4. You can even get one of these gadgets for yourself.

Attractive features

The unit is based on the Android 7.1 platform, which is controlled by a quad-core Cortex 2Ghz A53 processor assisted by a 750 MHz Penta-Core Mali-450MP graphics card. Additional processors that support on-screen rendering of video and graphics smooth out performance and dramatically reduce the latency you typically get on cheaper computers.

The remote control is Bluetooth 4.0 and not infrared, and you pair it in the box by holding down the two lower buttons on each side of the remote control. The process is painless and fast, and once it’s done, it’s done even if you replace the batteries. The remote control is voice controlled, so you can press the microphone button and say searches.

The device has two USB ports and a slot for a TF card, so you can play videos, photos and music directly from the storage medium using ES Explorer.


The built-in Ethernet is 10 / 100M and has a standard RJ-45 connector on the back. Wireless support is also 2.4 GHz for 802.11 a / b / g / n standards. Clearly, in applications like streaming, a wired connection is always faster.

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The box supports Airplay, DLNA, Miracast and H.265 wireless display standards, so you should be able to mirror your phone or tablet to a TV if it is compatible. All video formats you can think of are supported as standard, such as MPEG, H.265, AVC, XVID, DIVX. All common subtitle formats are also supported. Supported video file formats are all common suspects, including AVI, MKV, MOV and MPEG, and all photo formats for still images and all common music file formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, etc. Supported resolutions are SD, HD up to 1080p and up to 4K, playable via HDMI connection.


Why would I want that?

Owning a TV box is adored for many reasons. On-demand TV services now have Android versions of their apps, and downloading them from the Google Play Store is quick and easy. All local TV channels have such apps, and if you also subscribe to premium services, you can usually get the app for them too, so you have all the TVs in one box with one remote control.

Voice control is accurate and easy to use. Press the microphone button and speak on the remote control. You have to wait until he beeps before speaking, and sometimes there’s a small delay, but it works well. The remote control is solid and feels good in the hand.

abox android remote control 1

The ABOX A4 is a kind of Swiss army knife media player. You can connect it to your Plex server (if you have one), play video and music files directly from USB and TF cards, and of course mirror wirelessly from your other Android or Apple devices. In addition, it offers access to the best movie rentals through the Google Play Gateway.

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Now this box is rooted by default. Rooting is usually a good thing for software selection and hacking, but a few applications, such as UK Channel 4’s All4 app, oppose rooted devices. Why, is not clear, but we believe this is due to the fact that they may allow users to do, for example, record streaming videos to disk in a way that is not allowed under the app’s license.

The logo at the top lights up blue when the box is on. It’s sweet or boring. If the room is dark, it can be a little awkward.

The only other problems are specific to Android software in general. For example, Netflix displays a dark gray border at the bottom of the screen. It’s not a breach of contract, but a little disturbing. In addition, some applications rely on pointing the cursor too much with the mouse function of the controller, which can be a little dull and annoying at times. It is feasible. Purchasing a cheap Bluetooth mouse / keyboard combination will fix this and many other software interface issues.

So the grief had nothing to do with the Android operating system or the box itself, but the somewhat forgiving nature of the Google Play store and a lousy lack of quality control.


NOTE. 4/5
Edut: An excellent TV box with all the features you want. Reads virtually any file without exception. Flat ergonomic remote control.

Disadvantages: The software sometimes rejects. Alternatively, you may need a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for some software.

Overall, this is good, solid TV and playback is very good. But no TV box is as good as its apps. Most are excellent and work very well. Some, especially major ones like Netflix, have annoying bugs that should get trapped. As a mid-range TV entertainment center, ABOX is a good purchase and is recommended.

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