Google Assistant is a very smart personal assistant, and sometimes a little too much. When you ask Google a question, it may give you an answer that’s a little too long for your tastes, but now you can silence it.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can answer all kinds of questions with short answers, but some sometimes need to be more complex and detailed. Then it happens that your assistant starts a long explanation to answer your question. For those who don’t have the time or just don’t want to hear the full answer, With Google, you can now mute Assistant before it stops talking.

In the past, if you wanted Google Assistant to quit, you first had to say a wake-up word like “Ok Google” or “Hello Google.” However, thanks to the new update, it is now it is possible to silence him simply by saying “Stop ». Google Assistant will therefore adapt to Sir’s capabilities, which could already interrupt his speech if he hears the word “Stop.” For its part, Amazon is always lagging behind Alexa, which does not yet offer a similar feature.

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Google wants to make its Assistant more humane

The arrival of this new feature is not really a surprise. The company was the first to introduce this feature at its annual Google I / O event in 2019. It’s related to a long list of commands called “quick expressions” that don’t require you to say “Ok Google.” Currently, commands that are compatible with this option include, in particular, “Cancel alarm”, “What time is it?”, “What is the weather like?”, “Pause music” or “Create reminder”.

Currently, the word “Stop” does not work only on American manufacturer displays and smart speakers. I tried my different speakers, I noticed that these were not compatible at the moment, however they should get an update with new functionality in the coming days. If you’ve ever noticed that you’re listening to a long Google Assistant monologue, you’d really love to be able to mute it faster. It is not yet known when it will be introduced on smartphones.

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