Google intentionally blocks the battery charging of the Pixels to 80%. With this hidden option, the Mountain View giant seeks to preserve the battery life of its smartphones. This clamping is only activated under certain very specific conditions, details Google. Find out which ones.

Google Pixel 5
Credits: Google

In order to preserve the integrity and autonomy of the batteries of their smartphones, manufacturers have implemented several software measures in recent years. For example, OnePlus launched an option that prevents your smartphone from charging overnight for no reason. Apple integrates a similar option within iOS.

This is also the case with Google. In 2020, the firm unveiled an option called “Adaptive Load”. This feature reduces the charging speed of your device to improve the condition of the battery. Concretely, the artificial intelligence of the phone adapts the charging speed during the night according to the time you wake up. However, the option ensures that you have 100% battery life when you wake up.

Google blocks charging in case of intensive use or continuous charging for 4 days

Also with a view to preserving the battery, Google recently deployed a new hidden option on the Pixel 3, Pixel 4 and Pixel 5. Smartphones released before the Pixel 3 are not affected. This measure blocks recharging at the 80% threshold under very specific conditions, Google explains on a support page.

“To help preserve the condition of the battery, your phone automatically limits the charge to around 80% under certain conditions” as “Continuous charging under conditions of high battery discharge”, details the page. Google mentions cases where the smartphone displays a video game. The option is also activated in case of continuous load for 4 days or more.

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When this feature is enabled, a notification stating “Optimizing battery status” will appear on the Always-On screen of the Google Pixels and in the Battery section of your smartphone settings. This functionality is deactivated as soon as the conditions mentioned above are no longer detected. What do you think of this measure? We await your opinion in the comments below.

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