Google Pixels can now record calls, but not everywhere

Most Google Pixels can now record calls. It has been several months since Mountain View announced the launch of the feature around the world. However, the latter has opposed the legislation of some countries, which still prevents access everywhere.

Pixel 4a
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It is not always easy for manufacturers to offer new features to their devices. While some users have been able to record their calls on Google Pixel for some time, others have had to be patient before they do the same. However, it would seem that the wait is coming to an end. According to some testimonies Pixel 4a can now also record calls.

When enabled, it will appear as a “Save” button when the user makes a call. An “Call Recording” section has been added to the app’s settings to allow you to set the recording time for audio files. It is therefore possible to let Pixel remove it automatically after 7, 14 or 30 days. Of course, it is also possible to delete the file only manually.

Google Pixels is not yet able to record calls in France

Despite the obvious signs of deployment, nothing says you have a feature. Google cannot do anything about the laws of certain countries prohibits recording a call without warning. This is especially the case in France, which, according to a report by our 9to5Google colleagues, is preventing functionality from arriving. This also applies to the United Kingdom, although it is available in India, for example.

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Although the Pixel 6 is marketed in France, there is nothing to say that it integrates call recording. It is possible that the authorities will approve it or that Google will comply with the law by displaying a warning on the screen. In the meantime, fortunately there are other ways to keep call audio files. You can find them now thanks to our related video.



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