Google Play tips and tricks you might not use

Ever wondered if Google Play has more than the ability to install an app? For example, did you know that you can restore apps you’ve deleted? Google Play offers this and more, but you need to know where to look.

For example, this guide will help you get a refund for the app, set a child lock, find the developer app, and more.

1. Recover deleted applications

Recovering a deleted app is easier than you think. Grab the app by opening Google Play and tapping the burger icon. Select My Application and Games and go to the Library tab. Here you can see all the applications you have previously installed. To download an application, select it and install it.

2. Protect your password on Google Play

To prevent children from making unwanted purchases, it’s a good idea to add a pin to Google Play. To do this, go to the app settings and scroll down until you see the “Child Lock” option.

game management

Change it to “On” and it will ask you to enter your PIN. Also, don’t forget to set an age limit for apps that kids can install. The music option allows you to prevent children from installing applications with explicit content.

3. Get a refund on Google Play

Google Play usually refunds if:

  • Your child bought the app without your permission
  • What you bought doesn’t work or you’ve never received it
  • You changed your mind

To restore the app, select “Settings> My Account> Installed.” Tap the app you want to restore, then tap Refund. Remember, this is what Google usually does, but they have the last word.

How long do you need to restore the application?

If you purchased the app from Google Play Books, Music, or Movies & TV, you have seven days in most countries. You can only restore these types of applications if you have not used the application. For all other applications, you have two hours to close the recovery window.

4. Search for applications from a specific developer

If you have a primary developer, you can find his or her app using the pub: developer name filter. Google Play only displays apps from that developer.

game developer

5. Prevent the application from adding an icon to the Home screen

To prevent the app from adding an icon to the home screen (it’s really frustrating to enable this feature by default.), Go to “Settings” and deselect “Add icon to home screen.” This only applies to new applications, as it is not possible to remove the icon from already installed applications.

play icon

6. Create a Google Play Wish List

Adding a wish list can be free or paid applications. You may want to wait and see if the app goes on sale, or wait for the app to improve.

To add an app to your wish list, tap the bookmark icon of the app you want to install. This will automatically add the app to your wish list.

play desire

7. Prevent applications from updating automatically

It is possible to prevent all applications from updating automatically or to restrict only certain applications. To prevent all apps from updating, go to Google Play settings and tap Auto-update. Tap the first option, which should be “Don’t update apps automatically.”

To stop updating a specific application, go to that application. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and deselect the auto-update box.



As you can see, if you look a little, you’ll find that an app isn’t just about installing apps. What would you like to do on Google Play? Leave a comment and let us know.

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