Google has announced new rules for how Android apps can present themselves in the Play Store, its app store. Thanks to them, users should no longer be confused by the name of certain applications.

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The Google Play Store was launched in 2008, and today counts several million apps and games available in over 190 countries. However, some of its apps would mislead users about their content. Google therefore presented a number of rules that will frame the metadata of applications, such as their name or logo.

First, Google said it wanted to limit the length of app titles to 30 characters. In addition, it will ban keywords that imply the ranking of the application on the store, or promotion in the title and name of the developer. Finally, the American giant wants to eliminate the graphic elements likely to mislead users in the application icon. This set of rules could help limit the amount of malware available on the store.

What will be banned on the Play Store?

According to Google, for example, it will no longer be possible to place the words “Best application of 2021” in the icon, or to declare that its application is more interesting than its competitors. It will also be Prohibited from using emojis in app title or developer name, and uppercase will also be prohibited unless the brand name is already in uppercase. Google warns that if the title, icon, or developer name of apps doesn’t follow these new rules, they simply won’t be allowed on the online store.

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Finally, Google announced to new guidelines for Google Play Store app preview items. This includes graphics, screenshots, videos, and short descriptions that help educate users about the features and functionality of an app.

Thus, the preview elements should faithfully represent the application or game, and provide enough information for users. Developers should also refrain from using words like “free” or “better” to describe their app or game. In other words, Google wants to put all apps on an equal footing. These measures are expected to come into effect later this year.

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