Halo Infinite : beta is finally available, sign up this way

It’s finally time to test Halo Infinite. After months of development, after negative feedback from players, the game is revealed to a lucky list. Still, there is still time to join the Insider program. We will explain how.

Halo Infinite: Xbox Series X

It took a long time to arrive, but here it is at last. Halo Infinite presents its first beta today. Therefore, for 4 days, until August 1, a handful of players will be able to see the improvements made by 343 Industries after the first images released in 2020. the feedback was at least confusing, which explains the continuation of development for several months.

However, the title is not far off. Whoever says beta, which is more, is the first step, argues necessarily several defects and necessary modifications. So the current version may not look like it will be released by the end of the year. Still, an early preview of one of 2021’s most anticipated games is a goddess not to be missed. So here’s how to go.

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How to join Halo Infinite beta

Not everyone can use Halo Infinite beta. To do this, you must first register for the program Halo Insider. No other solutions to go this linkwhen you have the first created an account for the site. Then just follow the instructions to join the few. Note that it is necessary sign a non-disclosure agreement, which prevents you from streaming game images before release.

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Also note that you cannot test the entire title. Access is really random to different parts of the game. However, if you arrive too late, don’t be afraid: the second beta phase is scheduled for later this year. 343 However, the exact dates have not yet been announced by Industries. In addition, an official launch is planned at the end of 2021, again, without Microsoft daring to give a date.

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