Windows 11 is real, the new version of Windows has been made official by Microsoft. A Windows 11 ISO leak is even circulating on the Internet. Many curious people have already downloaded and installed Windows 11 to test this new version of the operating system.

Wallpapers are always in great demand when launching a new operating system; this is the case for the leaked copy of Windows 11 and the accompanying wallpaper images.

Windows 11 wallpapers

Windows 11 wallpapers

Not everyone can install a virtual machine on their computer just to try out the new OS. But if you want to taste it a bit, we can help you get the Windows 11 wallpapers.

For those of you who have Windows 11 installed, you may have noticed that it is not possible to customize any of the settings, such as setting a different wallpaper, without activating the operating system. But is it possible? Here’s a little trick: Use the Windows Explorer context menu shortcut “Set as wallpaper”, and you can change the wallpaper as you like.

Windows 11 wallpapers are located in the same folder as Windows 10 ones i.e. C: Windows Web. It is from there that I extracted the images which are arranged in various folders: 4K, Screen, Wallpaper. Unlike Windows 10, its successor has an additional folder called TouchKeyboard, and it contains 8 images. I expected to find keyboard themes there, but these appear to be normal wallpapers. In fact, these are the only OS wallpapers that come in 2K resolution (2736 x 1539 pixels).

On another level, Windows 11 seems to be surprisingly smooth in terms of performance. I didn’t expect it to run as fast as in a virtual machine. The new centered taskbar and start menu are quite nice.

I have grouped these wallpapers in one .rar file so you can download them all at once.

I hope we will know more about this operating system soon.


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