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Who says early this month will say new “free” games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. As usual, Microsoft has just released a list of titles that were offered in August 2021. The program features excellent Darksiders 3, Yooka-Laylee, Lost Planet 3, and Garou: The Wolf Brand.

games in gold in august
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In July 2021, Microsoft focused on retro titles in its July 2021 selection, and in June 2021, Xbox Live Gold subscribers got their hands on injustice. And as we approach the end of the month, the American manufacturer is just reveals a list of games “offered” to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in August 2021. With these four titles, you have a lot to take care of at the end of the summer season.

And what does Microsoft have in stock this month? Let’s get started excellent darksiders 3. The series has become very popular, not least because of its skillful mix of combat, exploration and platforming, all supported by a high-level artistic direction. And after he had embodied the Apocalypse knights War and death, here you are in your shoes Rage, the most dangerous of the four.

Here you have to stay tired the incarnations of the seven deadly sinswho sows terror on a planet already destroyed by war. If you liked the previous sections, this third episode will satisfy you, we guarantee it! We will change the registration Yokaa-Layle, spiritual sequel Banjo-Kazooie. In this platform gameexplore vast and magnificent worlds, meet unforgettable characters and collect treasures ” in the fight against the evil company Capital B.

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Backward compatibility side Microsoft respects The Lost Planet 3, the third part of Capcom ‘s flagship saga for Xbox 360. In this introductory section, you can learn more about the hidden secrets of EDN III. Of course, everything is sprinkled from nervous clashes against giant monsters.

The last title offered in August 2021 is none other Garou: The sign of wolves, the last part of the saga Fatal rage. This fighting game had meant spirits thanks to it a complex and advanced combat system consisting of pairs, counters and reflections. The pinnacle of the Tactical Offensive Position System is the second most important novelty of this episode. Recommended for fans of old school games.

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