As the annual World Emoji Day takes place today, here’s a look at some new emoji that may be popping up on iPhone and Android.


A universal language since the democratization of smartphones, emojis – or smileys, emoticons – have become a reflection of the companies that produce them. As usual, before the annual World Emoji Day on July 17th, we were able to take a first look at the drafts of the version 14.0 of the Unicode Consortium emoji.

Among the new emojis, we find a face that salutes, a face that melts and a face that holds back tears. They are added to new candidates face with open eyes and hand over mouth. A low battery, bird’s nest, disco ball and bubbles are also in the works.


25 variations of handshakes should appear and will be more adapted to different cultures and will respect all skin colors.

The list is completed by emojis aimed at improving inclusion. Emojis “Pregnant man” and “Pregnant person” are candidates and recognize that pregnancy is possible in non-binary and transgender men. A person from gender neutral with a crown is also in preparation. It will be added to the current emojis of the king and the queen.

The full version of Emoji 14.0 will be announced in September, but the final list should look like what’s included in this preview. As to when you can use the new emojis, it will depend on the phone you are using.

Emojipedia confirms that this is only a draft list and that there may be changes before the final approval scheduled for September of this year. On the occasion of World Emoji Day, Facebook Messenger should also present its new feature: Soundmojis, emojis that are accompanied by a sound sample.

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