When you open the Windows 10 Start menu, you normally see an alphabetical list of the apps installed on your computer. If you want to have a smaller and more streamlined Start menu, it is possible to hide the list of applications on the left.

Here’s how to reduce the Windows 10 Start menu to its simplest form.


If you want to disable this list of apps, you need to make a change in Windows settings.

  • Open Windows 10 Settings by clicking on the start menu then selecting the gear icon or pressing the key combination Windows + I.
  • On the main Settings page, click Customization.
  • On the left side, in the category Start, locate the option Display the list of applications in the Start menu.
  • Click on the switch Enabled / Disabled to turn off this setting.

The Start menu can be reduced to its simplest form by minimizing it to the left using the mouse. Only a sidebar is then displayed. It gives access to a few commands: Access to Windows 10 Settings, On / Off …

The next time you open the Start menu, you’ll see a much smaller menu without the list of apps. But it did not disappear for all that. If you want to review the list of applications, click on the button All applications in the sidebar. The Apps List will open and you’ll see a complete alphabetical list of installed apps, but the Start menu will remain small and uncluttered.

To return to the previous view at any time, click the button Pinned thumbnails located just above the button All applications in the start menu. You can also reactivate the option Display the list of applications in the Start menu from the page Settings> Personalization Windows 10.

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